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Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Installation ↑ Back to top

  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.

More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

You can use the Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to manipulate the cost of subscription renewals in several ways: you can give discounts on subsequent renewals, increase the cost of those payments with each renewal or apply user role-based discounts/pricing for renewals. 


You have a subscription product that costs $100/month. You may assign a 5% (or $5) discount to the second renewal (2nd month), 10% (or any other fixed) discount on months 3-5, and 20% discounts on every renewal starting from month #6. 

Then the user will pay:

1st initial order (month #1) = $100

2nd renewal order (month #2) = $95

From 3rd to 5th renewal order (3-5 months) = $90 each month 

And starting from the 6th month, they’ll get maximum discounts = $80 each month till the subscription expires/ends

You can also define specific discount rules in much the same way for each user role. 

How to set up discounts for a simple subscription product ↑ Back to top

After installing the plugin, you can find the additional discounts area on each subscription product setup page. 

Percentage discounts pricing type

Fixed pricing type

The following fields will need to be filled: 

Discounts pricing type – you have two choices here: percentage and fixed 

Percentage – discounts based on % from regular subscription cost 

Fixed – specify the precise price of each renewal period. 

Discounts – indicate in this field the dependence between renewal periods and pricing. 

Renewal sequence number (1st column) – set when discounted prices are applied. E.g., if you have a subscription that renews every month, you should select from what month the discount starts. Then you can add as many various discounted ranges as you want. 

Percent discount (2nd column if Percentage is chosen) – specify the discount rates for various subscription ranges. E.g., you can select 10% for the 2nd month, 20% for months 3-6, and so on. 

Price (2nd column if Fixed is chosen) – set accurate prices for each subscription range. E.g., $90 for the 2nd month and $80 for months 3-6, and so on. 

To add a new discount range, click on the New discount rule button (you can create unlimited ranges). 

The discount table will be displayed on the product page as follows:

Percentage discount example

Fixed discounts exmaple


If you want to give discounts on the initial order, use the sale price field. However, please note in that case, discounts will be calculated from the sale price, not the regular one. 


How to set up discounts for a variable subscription ↑ Back to top

Instructions to set up discounts for variable subscriptions are the same as when setting up for simple products with one exception. 

You have to set up discounts rules separately for each subscription variation.

You can have independent pricing with various renewal sequence dependencies and discounts rates for each variation. 

For situations when you don’t want to create discount rules separately for each product variation, you can set a general rule for all variations without their personal discounts rates in the Subscription discounts tab

This is how it looks on the frontend: 

The corresponding discount table displays after the subscription variation is chosen. 

After signing up for a particular variation, subscribers will receive their discounted product on terms assigned to that specific variant.  


How to set up role-based discounts for subscription renewals 

With role-based discounts, you can assign completely independent discounts rules on recurring events for different types of user roles. 

To use this option, enable it under the general plugin Settings page. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions Discounts and find the Role-based discounts section.

Discounts for user roles are managed at the product level. You should go to the product page in wp-admin and find the Subscription Discounts tab in the Product Data area. 

Then, select the role for which you want to create personal discounts and click on the Setup for role button. 

Now, you can log in and check personal discounts for various user roles you have established. 

If the user isn’t logged in, they will not see their personal discounts and will be charged regularly or with available discounts applied to the product.

To change user roles after they have signed up for a subscription, you can do so within the Users settings.


To use the role-based discounts tool in order to offer discounts on future subscriptions to all of your current subscribers, you can manage this under WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions > Roles.


Role-based discounts only apply at the moment a subscription is created. When the user’s role changes, discounts will not be recalculated. New discounts will be applied only on new subscriptions after users have been assigned the new role.   


Product page customization ↑ Back to top

To customize the discounts view on the product page, go to the plugin settings page (WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions Discounts). 

To enable the discount table, select the Show discount table on product page option.  

When this option is disabled, you can still use the plugin as directed, and your customers will receive discounts on the same terms. 

After enabling the Show discount table on product page option, fill in the following fields to give your customers a better understanding of your discount policy. 

Discounts explainer – here, you can briefly explain how your discounts work, which will be displayed right above the discount table on the product page.

Table position – Pick a suitable location to place a discount table on the subscription product page. You have 7 options to choose with: 

  • Above buy button;
  • Below buy button;
  • Above add to cart form;
  • Below add to cart form;
  • Above product title;
  • Before product summary;
  • After product summary

Note: table styling also depends on how tables are designed in your theme. Your theme style is applied to this table. 

Renewal sequence number column title – first column in the table which indicates when the discount will be applied. You can use a {period} variable to show at what time discounts start clearly. So, if you have a subscription that renews every month, then {period} = month, and so on. 

Price column title – last column in the table that indicates the subscription renewal price. No matter which type of discounts you use, percentage or fixed, this column is mandatory to let customers know the final price of each renewal. 

Show column with a percentage discount rate – you can decide to show or not show the second column, which contains the percentage discount rate. 

Discount column title – if you enabled the second column, you can give it a name, so your clients can see the percentage discount for each renewal sequence.

Now, your subscription page is extended with a discounts area and ready to be used. 


Renewal discounts management 

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions come with a few features to help you and your clients forecast their discount rates and help you manage those discounted subscriptions. 

Store owners can find the Discounts sequence area inside each subscription which includes discounts on renewals. 

In that area, you can see at what stage (if you use progressive discounts) the subscription currently is, what stages passed, and what is yet to come. 

You can also see the current discounts applied as coupons for a subscription. 

The next important feature is Applying discounts to existing subscriptions, which were created before plugin installation. 

You can manually add discounts to subscriptions which contain discounted products. To do so, you should create discounts rates for the selected products and then go to the current subscription page and find Apply discounts action in the Subscription actions area. 

This action is only available for subscriptions which contain products w/ discounts. 

After you apply discounts manually, Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions re-counts how many subscription renewals passed and uses a corresponding discount rate. 

Be careful using this feature and remember that discounts will not be assigned and start counting from the current renewal sequence. 

In case the client unsubscribes from the current product and resubscribes, the countdown (to increase the discount rate) begins from the first order.

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions extends user account with additional info regarding discounts to help them forecast discounts on next renewals. 

In the user’s account, there are two additions to the subscription’s data: 

Current discount – the discount value that will be applied with the next renewal event. 

Discount upgrade – explains when discount level may be increased and its value in X renewals. 

Note, if you have several products in one subscription, you will find a few separated rows for each discounted product. 

Extensions also include a current discount on cart and checkout pages when customers pay manually for renewal. 

Current subscription information is also changed due to discount status. Note that subscription renewal discount and total price are calculated to display a number applied with the next renewal, not the last (previous) renewal. 

And in addition, this plugin includes renewal discount rates in regular subscription emails, which might be extremely valuable for subscriptions that renew automatically. 


FAQs ↑ Back to top

1) Can renewal discounts be applied to subscriptions created before the plugin was installed? 

    – Yes, but you should do it manually for every subscription. Check out the Renewal discounts management part of this documentation and follow instructions. 


2) What will happen to all of the existing subscriptions after plugin installation? 

    – Existing subscriptions are not impacted. Your customers will have a chance to unsubscribe and resubscribe to get discounts, or you can apply discounts to their subscriptions manually.


3) What if I don’t need to display the discounts table on the subscription products page but want to be able to assign discounts?

    – Not a problem. You can easily disable the table displayed on the product page, and discounts will be applied no matter what. 


4) Is it possible to apply only one discount rate and not several ranges as we see in examples?

    – Yes, you can create only one discount rate for all subscription renewals starting from the X renewal period. 


5) Does Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions work with all types of subscription products? 

    – Yes, the plugin works with simple and variable subscriptions as well.


6) What might other potential problems be?

    – Issues may occur when you use other plugins like product addons or anything else, which may modify subscription price on cart\checkout level. 


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