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WooCommerce Subscriptions


  • 2020 New Visa Requirements for Subscriptions with a Free Trial

    Visa is updating their conditions which govern the use of free-trials and introductory offers as part of an ongoing subscription service. We’ve put together this guide to step through what changes you need to make to comply. Do these changes apply to me?  The new requirements from Visa apply to your business if you offer […]

  • Disabling WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Temporarily deactivating plugins is a common process in troubleshooting a problem. Because WooCommerce Subscriptions turns your WordPress site into a recurring billing engine, a number of issues can arise from temporarily deactivating the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. These issues may include: Missed scheduled renewal payments, including automatically retried payments. Subscriptions reaching the end of term, but […]

  • Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Create discounts or increase the cost of subscription recurring, or make role-based pricing for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

  • Enabling Payment Gateways for Subscriptions

    WooCommerce Subscriptions is compatible with many payment gateways that have the features necessary for processing automatic payments. No Available Payment Gateways Warning During the checkout process, Subscriptions will offer a warning if there are no gateways enabled that support Subscriptions and manual payments are not accepted. This message appears on the checkout page in the […]

  • Limitations of PayPal Standard with Subscriptions

    Although PayPal Standard can be used with Subscriptions, it is also one of the most limited payment gateways. For this reason, it is highly suggested that you understand the limitations that will exist for your subscriptions that use PayPal Standard. What does PayPal Standard not support? Multiple Subscriptions The multiple subscriptions restriction refers to the […]

  • Limited Subscription Payment Coupons

    Limited Subscription payment coupons enhance the core WooCommerce coupon management functionality. This feature allows store managers to create coupons that apply to a certain number of subscription payments. This guide will outline the features of limited coupons, step through their setup, and showcase some special use cases. Limited coupons are coupons that will apply a […]

  • Minimum Periods for WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Documentation on how to use the Minimum Periods for WooCommerce Subscription extension.

  • Opening a Subscriptions Support Ticket

    After looking through the documentation and searching online, opening a support ticket is the best way to get help for Subscriptions issues with your site. This guide will outline how to fill out the support ticket form for getting help with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension so that the support team can provide the most meaningful and […]

  • Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Create various prepaid plans for regular subscriptions with the custom prepaid delivery schedules, prepaid, and shipping costs.

  • Subscriptions and the GDPR

    WooCommerce Subscriptions and Subscriptions by WooCommerce Payments both support the tools that enable store managers to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This support is built on the functionality included in WooCommerce and WordPress. Below is information on how these two handle customer data. Data Subscriptions Uses Subscriptions & Subscriptions by WooCommerce Payments […]

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