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Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce

Installation ↑ Back to top

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen.
  3. Upload the ‘tier-pricing-table.zip’ file you’ve downloaded from WooCommerce.com
  4. Click the Install Now button.
  5. When the installation is complete, you’ll see “Plugin installed successfully.” Click the Activate Plugin button at the bottom of the page.

More info at Using Plugins.

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

Before using this plugin, we recommend you to set up it.
To add a table or tooltip with prices to the product page, activate the ‘Show tiered price table’ checkbox.

Even if you don’t activate the checkbox, prices will be changed according to the product settings.

In the ‘Display’ menu, you can choose the way of displaying multilevel prices: 

  • Table

  • Tooltip

If you’ve chosen a table, the following settings will be available:

Table title:

Table position:

  • Above buy button
  • Below buy button
  • Above add to cart form
  • Below add to cart form
  • Above product title
  • Before product summary
  • After product summary

If you’ve chosen a tooltip:

Here you can change tooltip icon colors, its size, and border.

The following settings affect both a table and a tooltip:

Active a price background-color

Quantity column text and Price column text

Plus, you can display a percentage discount for the Percentage tiered table. To do this, activate the ‘Show discount column for percentage table’ checkbox. You can also change the column name in the ‘Discount column text’ field.

With the CSS class field, you can add custom styles to the table or tooltip.

Price displaying settings ↑ Back to top

In this section, you can change the price display of products with tiered prices.

The ‘Summarize all variation during calculation product variation tiered price’ option will consider all tied variation added to the cart by a user during the calculation of the actual price for that variation.

The ‘Enable price formatting on the catalog page, widgets, etc.’ option will change the simple product price on the product catalog according to the chosen displaying option in the ‘Display tiered price as’ menu.

The available options in ‘Display tiered price as’:

Range (from the lowest to the highest)

Lowest price

When you choose ‘Lowest price,’ you’ll be able to change the prefix ‘From’:

The ‘Enable on catalog, widgets, price formatting for variable products’ option will replace the normal range of variable products according to the chosen displaying option in the ‘Display tiered price as’ menu. 

The’ Enable price formatting on product page’ will change the prices of simple and variable products according to the chosen displaying option in the ‘Display tiered price as’ menu. 

The ‘Set tiered price on click’ option allows to сhange product quantity by clicking on the table pricing row on the product page.

The ‘Show total price’ option replaces a regular price with the total price.

The ‘Set tiered price on click’ and ‘Show total price’ options don’t work with ‘Enable price formatting on product page’. So if you want to use these two options, you need to disable the ‘Enable price formatting on product page’ option.

The ‘Show tiered price in cart as the discount’ option:

Summary block ↑ Back to top

The idea to have the summary block is showing “totals” on a product page. Your customers will see the actual product price per quantity and total cost for that quantity in a structured way. Block will automatically update depends on the chosen product quantity.

You can change the block position on a product page as well as its title. The same options as you have with the pricing table.

If you choose “show summary block” you will have two options for how to show it:

Table ↑ Back to top

Inline ↑ Back to top

The inline way allows you to change labels:

After press “save” you’ll see:

Setting up tiered prices on the product level ↑ Back to top

Simple Product ↑ Back to top

After the plugin has been activated, in the General tab there will be two new fields: ‘Tiered pricing type’ and ‘Tiered price’.

The first field is for the type of tier pricing that will be applied to a product. There’re two types:

Fixed. When choosing this type, you need to specify a fixed price per product and quantity at which this price will be used.
In the Tiered price table, in the first field, specify the quantity of products, and in the second one – price at which this product will be sold at that quantity.

Percentage. When choosing this type, you need to specify the discount per product in percent and the number of products at which this price will be used.
In the Tiered price table, in the first field, enter the number of products, and in the second one – the percent discount on which this product will be sold at that quantity.

Click the ‘New tier’ button to add a new row.

If a product has a sales price, then the tiered pricing will be formed depending on it.

Variable Product ↑ Back to top

Tiered pricing of variable products works the same as in simple products, individually for all variations. For each variation, you can choose a different tiered pricing type and specify a different number of products and a price per item for that quantity.

However, you are also able to set up rules bulk for all variations in the “Tiered pricing tab“:

Minimum product quantity ↑ Back to top

In case you sell from certain amounts of product, you may need to adjust the table and not show the quantities you don’t offer. You can specify the minimum selling quantity in the “tiered pricing table” tab:

The table will automatically adjust and display the right values:

Role-based pricing ↑ Back to top

At the “Tiered Pricing” tab, you can set up role-depended rules. Choose a role and click the “Setup for role” button:

Role based tiered pricing for woocommerce

For any role, you can set its own:

  • Percentage-based tiered pricing rules
  • Fixed tiered pricing rules
  • Regular product price
  • Sale product price
  • Minimum order quantity

Role-based pricing rules can be used at the product variation level too.

Frontend ↑ Back to top

Simple product ↑ Back to top

The table with prices you offer for a product will be added to the product page.

When the quantity changes, a customer will see the appropriate pricing in the table, and the product price automatically will be changed to correct:

Variable product ↑ Back to top

For variable products, the table will be displayed after the variation is chosen: 

Import / Export ↑ Back to top

You can import and export using standard WooCommerce tools.  

Export ↑ Back to top

In the ‘Which columns should be exported?’ field, you can choose ‘Fixed Tiered Prices’ and ‘Percentage Tiered Prices,’ ‘Tiered pricing minimum product quantity,’ ‘Tiered pricing type’ and, for example,  ‘Name’ or ‘ID’ for product identification.

This format specifies tiered pricing ‘quantity_of_product:item_price’ for fixed rules and ‘quantity_of_product:discount’ for percentage rules:

Import ↑ Back to top

Tiered pricing fields will be automatically detected and ask you to map them to product data:

Import via WPAllImport ↑ Back to top

If you import your products via the popular plugin “WPAllImport” on step 3, you will see a new widget that helps you map tiered pricing data to product fields:

The format for percentage and fixed rules is the same as for the WooCommerce Import tool.


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