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Ambassador Affiliate Program Integration

This plugin gives you the ability to add a social affiliate system to your store using the Ambassador affiliate program. The extension tracks visitors who came to the site using an affiliate’s link and give the relevant affiliate their sales commission based on your Ambassador campaign settings. It also has the option to turn each of your customers into an affiliate for your store as they checkout and can display social sharing links for them to instantly share your store with their network.

Note: This product has been retired. Documentation is no longer being updated.


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An account with Ambassador with at least one active campaign along with the associated API key and username.


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Purchase and download the plugin ZIP file from: https://woocommerce.com/ Upload the plugin to your ‘plugins’ directory and activate it on the Plugins page of your dashboard Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > Ambassador and configure the plugin as desired


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On the plugin settings page you have access to the following options:

  • Enable/disable the extension. If this is deselected then the extension will not affect your site.
  • Run in sandbox mode. This means that any data gathered by the extension will not result in actual commissions being awarded to your affiliates. This mode is purely for testing purposes and must be deactivated when you go live.
  • Ambassador API username. This can be retrieved form your Ambassador dashboard.
  • Ambassador API key. This can be retrieved form your Ambassador dashboard.
  • Default campaign ID. Your Ambassador account can contain any number of campaigns and the affiliate’s referral link will usually specify a campaign ID, but you can set a default campaign here that will be used if the link does not specify one.
  • Create new affiliate on checkout. If this is enabled then every person who completes a sale through your store will become an affiliate and will receive a welcome email to your affiliate campaign. New affiliate accounts use the customer’s email address as their unique identifier.
  • Display sharing buttons on checkout. Enable this to display buttons that will easily allow your affiliates (existing or newly created) to share a referral link to your store straight from the checkout page.
  • Only give commission based on actual product prices. Enable this option to remove shipping and tax costs from totals sent through to Ambassador. This means that affiliates will only get commission on the price of the actual products themselves.
  • Your Twitter username. This is optional and will be displayed in the tweet that is sent by the sharing buttons shown on the checkout page.
  • Social sharing message. This is optional and will be displayed in the tweet that is sent by the sharing buttons shown on the checkout page.