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Countdown & Notifier for WooCommerce

Use Countdown & Notifier for WooCommerce to encourage customers to purchase sale or limited quantity items immediately. Make tailored offers that are available only for a limited time, and create a sense of urgency to drive sales. Boost sales with a countdown that shows the sale start time, remaining time for an offer, or number of items remaining.


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  • Display a countdown on single product pages
  • Collect subscribers and notify them when offers are about to start or expire
  • Schedule product sale start and sale end times
  • Customize countdown texts and colors, and email notifications
  • Access and manage products from Countdown > Scheduled Products in your store admin
  • Manage stock status and quantity
  • Automatically reset prices when sales end
Countdown in the product description page Create limited-time offers or display limited stock quantities for a sense of purchase urgency. Notifier button to collect subscribers Display a button on product pages before start the sale allowing interested customers to subscribe for notifications of product availability. When sales launch, send notification emails to all you subscribers with a click. Popup form to collect emails Notifier button will popup the form to collect subscribers. Subscriber list Manage all Subscribers from here. Auto manage stock status and quantity Manage pricing and stock. If you have set the product out of stock, then it will be in stock on date and time which you have set. If you have enable the options provided on product tab, so the price and stock will be auto update as sale end. List of scheduled products Manage scheduled products from here. Countdown & Notifier Settings Easy customization of text, color, email contents