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Requirements and recommendations for bank statement descriptor

Statement descriptors explain charges or payments on bank statements. Using clear and accurate statement descriptors can reduce refunds and disputes. Banks and card networks require the inclusion of certain types of information that help customers understand their statements, and statement descriptors provide this information.

When you set up WooCommerce Payments you specify the site URL which is used as a statement descriptor that appears on all customer bank statements. You can change this value on the plugin settings page.

Most banks display this information consistently, but some may display it incorrectly or not at all.

Statement descriptor requirements ↑ Back to top

A complete statement descriptor must meet the following requirements:

  • Contains only Latin characters.
  • Contains between 5 and 22 characters, inclusive.
  • Contains at least one letter.
  • Does not contain any of the special characters < > ' " *.
  • Reflects your business name clear to the customer.

Good examples ↑ Back to top

If you sell pet toys in US on www.pet-toys.com the good examples could be:


Invalid examples ↑ Back to top

  • WOOCOMMERCE.COM – it’s too generic and does not show your business name. Your customers are probably unaware that you’re running your store on WooCommerce.
  • INSTAGRAM.COM/yournickname even if you promote goods via Instagram. 
  • ABC – it’s too short, use longer alternatives which will help customers identify the charge’s source, like ABC.COM or WWW.ABC.COM.
  • MY STORE > US – contains special character >.
  • +1 (877) 273-3049 – should contain at least one letter.


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