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WooCommerce Terms Glossary

The WooCommerce Glossary is a compilation of commonly used terms for quick reference.

add-on (adjective and noun) and add on (verb)

admin: Refers to person with this user status for a website/store

and: Spell out. See entry for Ampersand at Grammar, Punctuation, Style.

back end (noun) and back-end (adjective)

cart: Shopping cart, not shopping basket.

checkbox and checkboxes



data (plural)


drop-down (adjective and noun) and drop down (verb)


emoji (singular and plural)


etc. with period. Do not use … That’s an ellipsis.

extension: Software that expands features and functionality of an existing plugin, such as Subscriptions for WooCommerce.

FAQ (singular) and FAQs (plural). Not FAQ’s.

front end (noun) and front-end (adjective)


GitHub: Capital G, capital H


Help Desk 


ID: Abbreviation for identification. Not id or i.d. or Id

i.e. (meaning) and e.g. (for example) — Not: eg, ie or ex.

its and it’s: its is possessive; it’s is short for ‘it is.’ Determine which to use by substituting ‘it is’ in the sentence.


JavaScript or JS: Capital J, capital S.

Jetpack: Capital J, lowercase p.

Knowledge Base: Also known as the WooThemes ex-support forum. Closed permanently in June 2016 after assessment, cull and migration of top 1400 posts (20 percent).

lessons not learnings

Like: Social media action

log in and log into (verb) and login (noun)


MailChimp: Capital M, capital C.



media (plural)

meta boxes

new vs. fresh: New should be used. Fresh means something else. e.g., new install, fresh install

Ninja: No longer a job title at WooCommerce. Now Woo Happiness Engineer or Woo HE.


OK not Ok or okay or okey


opt-in (adjective and noun) and opt in (verb)

PayPal: Capital P, capital P

plugin: Software that can be installed and turned on/off (plugged in), such as WooCommerce

pop-up (adjective and noun) and pop up (verb)

set up (verb) and setup (noun)


sign up (verb) and signup (noun)

staging vs. development vs. production: different test sites

shop (verb and noun)

store owners

student not learner

sync vs. synch

their, there, they’re: their is possessive, there is a place, they’re is they are

third party not 3rd party

tweet, retweet




website vs. site

which vs. that: The store that sells widgets (not: The store which sells widgets) and The store on the corner, which is open 9-9 on weekdays.


WooCommerce: Capital W, capital C. Avoid WC when possible, as those unfamiliar with context can mistake for WordCamp (e.g., WC Madrid).

WooThemes: WooThemes or woothemes.com no longer used as a brand name; only exists in code examples. See entry for WooCommerce.

WordPress: Capital W, capital P

WordPress Admin: Also known as wp-admin, not Dashboard. Only use WordPress Admin > Dashboard if user should go to this location.

Zendesk: Capital Z, lowercase D. Sometimes abbreviated internally as ZD.

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