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WooCommerce Voice and Tone

What we say is influenced by how we say it.

Voice and tone are both important, but they’re different.

  • Voice is constant and reflects an identity.
  • Tone changes depending on audience, circumstances, emotion and environment.
The WooCommerce voice is uniquely ours and stays the same. Our tone varies.


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The Woo voice is human, plain speaking, and friendly. We aim to educate and empower users by using clear and consistent language to explain our products and services. Our voice is:
  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Helpful
  • International
  • Smart
  • Straightforward
  • Woo — Win Others Over by being approachable, knowledgeable, and fun

We use:

  • Active voice — Jay coded our latest release. vs. The latest release was coded by Jay.
  • Plain English — No slang, jargon or chat-speak (LOL, IDK, AFAIK)
  • Positive phrasing — Remember your notes vs. Don’t forget your notes.


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Woo’s tone is informal and conversational. We consider who we’re writing for, where content is posted, and what’s the ultimate goal or message. After answering these questions, we can then determine what tone to use. Woo also has personality and a sense of humor, so we feel free to have fun when it’s appropriate and it comes naturally. When in doubt, we know it’s best to play it straight.