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Does WooCommerce Payments support Subscriptions and recurring payments?

Subscriptions with WooCommerce Payments is available in preview for US accounts and card payments only. Learn more.

WooCommerce Payments supports selling subscription products and charging automatic recurring payments.

Unlike other payment gateways for WooCommerce, which require the use of the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to sell subscriptions, WooCommerce Payments both supports the Subscriptions extension and offers built-in subscription functionality that can be used to sell subscriptions without the extension.

That means when using WooCommerce Payments, you have a choice between two different ways to sell subscriptions:

  1. Built-in subscription functionality; or
  2. WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.

To learn more about these options, and which is best for your store, read over the guide comparing subscription options for WooCommerce Payments. To learn how to use subscriptions with WooCommerce Payments, refer to the subscriptions section of the WooCommerce Payments start up guide.

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