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How do I change my deposit schedule?

If you’re eligible, you can change how often you receive deposits from your WooCommerce Payments account balance.

Eligibility requirements

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To be eligible to change your deposit schedule, you must:

If you are ineligible, you will see one of the notices shown below.

Notice shown when deposits have been disabled.

If you see this notice, deposits on your account have been suspended. When a suspension occurs on an active account, you should receive an email with information about the issue, either from the WooCommerce team or from our payments partner, Stripe. Please respond to this email with the required information to resume deposits.

If you did not receive an email or have other questions, please contact support.

Notice shown when the seven-day waiting period is still in effect.

If you see this notice, please wait at least seven days after your first live transaction before selecting a schedule.

How to change your deposit schedule

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To change your WooCommerce Payments deposit schedule:

  1. Go to Payments > Settings in your site’s dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the Deposits section.
  3. You will see options to change your deposit schedule frequency.
WooCommerce Payments deposit schedule settings

There are three deposit schedule frequency options: 

  • Daily
  • Weekly (choose the day of the week, e.g. every Monday)
  • Monthly (choose the date each month, e.g. the 1st of each month)

Please keep the following in mind when selecting a deposit schedule:

  • Deposits set to occur on a weekend or holiday will be sent on the next business day.
  • To receive deposits on the last day of each month, first select Monthly and then then Last day of the month option at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  • Deposits are still subject to pending periods depending on the country of your store.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Support teams across the world
  • Safe and secure online payment