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Multiple Email Attachments

Multiple Email Attachments makes it possible to attach the right information with any e-mail in a simple way. For example: return forms, general terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

How it works

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When an e-mail is sent from WooCommerce, the plugin looks if there are any documents configured for the email and will attach these.

Setting up Attachments

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Attachments can be uploaded in the media library or directly via the extension settings. This also allows you to use these attachments on parts of your website. We assume that you installed and activated the plugin into your WordPress environment and that you are logged in as a Admin user. Once you are logged into the backend of WordPress you can find the page under On this page you can add multiple ‘attachments’. Each attachment can be connected to multiple e-mails. Click on “Add Attachment”, your first group will be created.

  • Now you need to upload or select a file.
  • Also select the Emails you want the attachment to be sent with.

Adding more attachments

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If you want to add multiple attachments to one e-mail you can create a extra attachment group by clicking “Add Attachment”, See the Example below  


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Questions & Support

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