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Choosing a Virtual Card Services (VCS) Payment Gateway

Virtual Card Services (VCS) offers several payment methods, of which the most popular are a Virtual Terminal (directing the customer to a screen on the VCS website, for payment) and the “Host-to-Host” method, where the customer remains on your website while making their payment. Use the handy guide below to help you determine which WooCommerce Virtual Card Services Payment Gateway Extension is right for your store. Have a question not answered here? Use our pre-sales question form.

WooCommerce supports using any Virtual Card Services extension for stores based in South Africa only.

VCS Virtual TerminalVCS Host-To-Host
SSL Certificate Required?No (But Recommended!)Yes
Allows customers to save cards to their account?NoNo
Keep customers on your site?NoYes
Supports 3D Secure?YesNo
Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions?No ETANo ETA
Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders?Coming SoonComing Soon