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Custom Order Status

Documentation of WooCommerce Custom Order Status Manager by Addify


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin the file you have downloaded.
  3. Install Now and Activate Plugin.

More information at Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.


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When creating a new custom status,  you can:

  • Add status title, slug and description
  • Choose a text or icon-based order status
  • Customize icon, text and background color
  • Allow users to cancel orders with the specified status
  • Set payment status
    • Orders are neither paid or nor require payment
    • Orders with this status have been paid
    • Orders with this status require payment (similar to pending payment).
  • Include in bulk action of order listing page
  • Hide this status from customers (My-Account orders listing & order detail page)
  • Exclude order from report

Import export statuses

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Instead of adding statuses individually, you can import them in bulk using a CSV file. 

Note: You can only import/export statuses along with basic details. You cannot assign them orders using the import feature. Assign statuses to orders manually or by using automation rules.

Assigning Order Statuses

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You can manually and automatically assign new status using automation rules.

Assign Order Statuses – Manually

You can assign order status from the admin Orders detail page or using the bulk action on the Orders listing page.

Assign Order Statuses – Automatic

You can create multiple automation rules to assign different statuses to separate orders. 

While creating a new automation rule, you can customize the rule with the following options:

  • Order status – Select current order status and new status to be assigned. The extension will switch the status, it does not assign an additional status. 
  • Condition – Only the orders matching the current status will change to the new status based on the following conditions:
    • Time Interval – Time passed since placing the order; define the amount of time in minutes, hours or days after before new statuses are assigned.
    • Order Quantity – Minimum and maximum order quantity ranges to change statuses. As soon as the order moves into the specified range, the status will update.
    • Order Amount – Minimum and maximum order amount ranges to change statuses. As soon as the order moves into the specified range, the status will update.
    • Products/Categories – The order includes specific products or categories.
    • Countries – The order belongs to a specific billing or shipping country.
    • User Roles – The customers linked to the order have a specific user role.
    • Order Date – The order creation date falls within a defined range. As soon as the order moves into the defined range, the status will update.
    • Email Notifications – You can disable email notification for customers and admin.

Please note: the conditions have an AND relation. For example, if you have set the order status to change from “shipped” to “completed” and set conditions to a time internal of 10 days and country is USA,  the extension will assign a new order status when 10 days have passed and the order country is USA.

Email Notification

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Custom Order Status enables you to create email notification rules to notify customers and the admin for specific status changes. You can create notification rules from WooCommerce > Order Statuses > Status Emails

While creating new email notification rule, you can:

  • Set rule title and description for internal use
  • Customize email subject, heading and message using various variables
  • Choose to send email to admin or customer
  • Select current and new status to trigger email

Note: You can customize order statuses email templates for both admin and customers from within WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

CronJob Settings

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Customize cronjob settings to trigger automatic emails and status change rules. Depending on your store orders activity, you can set the cronjob time. 



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