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Invoices and Receipts

Printing Invoices and Receipts

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To print invoices on standard desktop printers, you can use your default print settings to print in Letter/A4 format.

If you have a thermal receipt printer, here are the steps for configuring and printing your receipts:

  • Choose your receipt printer
  • Print all pages
  • Select portrait layout
  • Choose the width of your receipt paper
  • The paper length can be the longest option available as the printer will continue printing until it reaches the bottom of the receipt and then automatically cut the paper
  • Set the number of pages per sheet to ‘1’
  • Disable headers and footers
    • Google Chrome – with margin set to ‘default’ it will show the checkbox
    • Mozilla Firefox – Set the header and footer options to ‘blank’
    • Apple Safari – Uncheck the header and footer checkbox
  • Margins must be set to ‘none’
  • Scale should be set to ‘default’ or 100%
Star TSP143 print options screen with preview
Epson TM-T20II print options screen with preview
Chrome headers and footers options
Firefox headers and footers options
Safari headers and footers options

Printing Saved Orders

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Saved orders can be accessed via the Orders screen and printed before the order is completed. This makes it possible to provide your customers with a printable quote or bill for their order before they pay for example.

Customizing the Store Logo for Receipts

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You can choose your own custom logo that will be printed on invoices/receipts. We recommend using a high-contrast, black and white logo for best results.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to FooSales > Settings > Receipts
  3. Click the Select logo button next to the Store logo box to upload and/or insert the path to the image

Click Save changes

Modify Receipt Terminology

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Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on FooSales > Settings in the sidebar menu.

You can change the wording and/or translate the following text in your printed receipts and invoices at present:

  • Store name
  • Header content
  • Receipt title
  • Order number prefix
  • Product column title
  • Quantity column title
  • Price column title
  • Subtotal column title
  • “Inclusive” abbreviation
  • “Exclusive” abbreviation
  • Discounts title
  • Refunds title
  • Tax title
  • Total title
  • Payment Method title
  • Billing Address title
  • Shipping Address title
  • Footer content