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Free Gift Coupons

With WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons, you can give away a free item(s) to any customer with the correct code.

Minimum Requirements

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  • WooCommerce 3.1
  • PHP 5.6.20.


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce.com account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Activate the extension.

Coupon Configuration

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WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons works very similarly to the other coupon types. Go to Marketing > Coupons and click on “Add Coupon” to create a coupon and define the coupon’s redemption code. (For WooCommerce < 4.4 the coupons interface will be under WooCommerce > Coupons.) Additional documentation on how to add a coupon.

Under “General”, an input called “Free Gifts” will appear for all supported coupon types (for combo-style coupons… ie: discount plus gift) and the “Free Gift” discount type for giving a gift alone.

Gift Selection

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Start typing the name of the product that you’d like to give away in the “Search for products” input until WooCommerce shows a list of potential matches. Once you see your desired product, you can select it from the list of matching products.

Coupon creation panel showing where to add free gifts associated with this coupon

When you are done configuring the Coupon, select publish and the Free Gift Coupon will now be active.

Sync Gift Quantities

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The quantity of gift products can be synced to the quantity of a required product. For example, if a free poster is synced to the quantity of a T-Shirt then you can offer 1 poster for every T-shirt ordered, ie: 2 T-shirts plus the coupon code would result in 2 free posters. This is effectively a buy one, get one gift.

If the quantity of the gift is higher than 1, the total quantity is multiplied by the quantity of the synced product. In the same example, if the coupon provides 2 posters for every T-Shirt, and there are 2 T-Shirts in the cart, when adding the coupon the customer will receive 4 posters.

To require the presence of the sync product in order for the coupon to be valid, you must add the product to the Usage Restrictions’ “Products” list.

Free Shipping for Gifts

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This setting allows the customer to not incur shipping for the gift product. A free shipping method must be enabled.

Usage Restrictions and Limits

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Free Gift coupons follow all the same Usage Restriction and Usage Limits as other Discount Types, such as by email address, minimum cart total, etc. Read more about Coupon Management.

The sole exception to this is if you set a product to sync your gift quantities to. This product will be added to the required products list.

Coupon Redemption

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The coupon can be redeemed exactly like other coupons. When the customer enters the appropriate code and clicks “Apply Coupon” a small message is displayed saying the code was applied and the free gift is automatically added to the cart.

The cart page. A notice shows the coupon was successfully entered. A t-shirt named "Woo Logo" appears in cart and is listed as free.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this compatible with the WooCommerce Cart Block?

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At this time, the cart blocks are not customizable in a way that allows for compatibility with Free Gift Coupons. We therefore, recommend staying with the default cart shortcode.

Can I give a gift if someone buys a certain number of items? For example, buy 9 ‘widgets’ and get one free?

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Currently, no. WooCommerce doesn’t yet support usage limitations by item quantity.

Can I specify the number of items that can be given?

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Yes. In the coupon editor you can set the quantity of each free gift you want to provide via the coupon code.

Can customers choose their free gift between a selection of products?

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No, all products registered with the coupon will be added to the cart for free after the coupon has been applied.

Are product variations supported?

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Yes, specific variations are supported. As of 3.0, variable products will now allow customers to select their attributes in the cart.

Questions & Support

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