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Google Ads ROI Optimizer Plugin Install Documentation

By installing the Google Ads ROI Optimizer plugin, you understand the minimum requirements in order for this tool to work successfully in reducing your ad spend and distributing predicted ad spend savings to you and your customers. Note that the distribution of predicted ad spend is based, in part, by the quality of the data you provide and sending us your Google Ads cost data as well as historical customer data in the requested format/template noted below. By default, your predicted ad spend savings will be distributed as follows during this current phase of release: 100% to your customers (The savings distribution can be modified, however, let us know your preferences. Please reach out to support@commerce.direct from the start for a step by step walk through to stand up initial configuration. 1.) Install and Activate Plugin 2.) Let us know your Google Ads Account ID (email support@commerce.direct) so that we can link it with our Google Ads Manager Account. We will then send you a request to link your account with our Google Ads Manager Account. This will allow us to programmatically access your Ads Cost Data in the format required both historically and going forward so that we can use it for Machine-Learning modeling to predict future ads cost for your customers. 3.) Ensure that the keyword id and gclid parameters are being passed in the url on-click of your search ads so that we can capture this data when your visitors land on your site. We will be capturing these required paramters from the URL string by default as: gclid= and kwd= (If you use different parameter names for your ad click tracking please let us know so we can set them up on our side). An example URL string with the required parameters that we are tracking by default is: https://test.commerce.direct/kwd=797803756978&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7YGexMHv6AIViICfCh3YBAalEAAYASAAEgLCLfD_BwE 4.) Generate a historical report with the last 6-12 months of data and drop in a one-time historical data file following this template which we will use for our so that we can generate savings with our modeling right away and have initial data from your site visitors. If you do not have cookie ID data in the format shown, you can use User Login ID also. This will be the only data onboarding we’ll need from you, going forward we will be able to generate the data we need from your visitors using this plugin. If you do not have the historical data or are missing some of the required data fields, then you can pull revenue, day and orders fields pull email address/user ID, revenue, and day from your CRM or other purchasing source and we will match those sources. IF these fields are not available, we will need more time to collect enough of your visitor data with our plugin before we can accurately generate ML models for the predictions. All fields requested are required in order for us to match and build the model to generate accurate ad cost predictions for your customers. 5.) Once your Ads account is linked and the onboarding data file is provided, we will get your data ready in our system to begin generating savings for you and your customers ! We will provide you an email when our onboarding process is complete and your plugin is live from our side ! 6.) By default the plugin will only identify and collect visitor data on your homepage and transaction page when an order is made by an eligible visitor. If you are sending Google Ads traffic to other pages other than the homepage, please contact us at support@commerce.direct with all of the urls and we will add them. 7.) Email us at support@commerce.direct at any step of the way for help! We can set up time to walk you through the process to make it as seamless as possible.