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Note: This product is no longer sold on WooCommerce.com. This document was left available to you for help with configuration and troubleshooting, but is no longer updated.

About HAYVN Pay

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The HAYVN Pay plugin for WooCommerce allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments and get paid in traditional currency instantly without being exposed to the volatility of digital assets. 

HAYVN Pay Installation Guide

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To start accepting cryptocurrency payments via HAYVN Pay:

  1. You will need to create a HAYVN Pay Account. Click the Register Here button to leave your details and a HAYVN Pay team member will reach out (within 48 hours) to assist you with setting up your account.

Note: If you already have a HAYVN Pay account, you can sign in here.


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  1. After completing the registration form and after having created an account on HAYVN Pay, click the Free Download button in the top right of the page and add the HAYVN Pay plugin to your WordPress site.
  1. You will then be directed to the page Checkout process below. Click on ‘Proceed to Checkout.

Then, fill in your contact information and billing address and click on ‘Pay $0.00’.

  1. After completing the checkout process, click on the ‘Add to site’ button – to add the HAYVN Pay plugin to your WordPress site.
  1. You will then be directed to the WordPress site. Input your store’s url and click on ‘Add to site’.

You will then be asked to connect your store on WordPress. Click on ‘Connect Store’.

  1. Under the WooCommerce section of your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Connect’ under the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab.

Please authorize connection by clicking on ‘Approve.’

Then, your HAYVN Pay plugin will be installed.


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  1. To configure HAYVN Pay, click the ‘Manage’ button.

On this page you can configure your HAYVN Pay plugin settings. You can obtain your Account ID, Profile ID and API Callback Token from the HAYVN Pay Console following the steps below.

Fill in your account ID into the corresponding field. This can be found under settings in the HAYVN Pay Console. 

Copy the Account ID from the HAYVN Pay Console and paste it into the Account ID Field in your HAYVN Pay Gateway settings on your WordPress dashboard.

Next, find your Profile ID under the Profiles tab in the HAYVN Pay Console.

Next, fill in your API Callback Token which can be found under Settings > API Keys. Note: You will need to activate your 2 Factor Authentication to generate an API Key.

Finally, click ‘Save Changes’. You are now able to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers globally.