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About HAYVN Pay

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The HAYVN Pay plugin for WooCommerce allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments on your store safely and seamlessly, on web and mobile. With HAYVN Pay you can accept cryptocurrency payments and get paid in fiat (traditional currency) instantly. Tested for compliance and trusted by leading businesses globally, HAYVN Pay offers you an easy-to-implement cryptocurrency payments solution.

Grow your revenues by expanding your client base to customers who hold cryptocurrency and are looking for real-world use of their digital currency. Your customers can make crypto payments seamlessly and securely through the HAYVN Pay checkout window.

HAYVN Pay comes with no setup feesno monthly charges and no hidden costs.

HAYVN Pay is simplifying the way the world utilises cryptocurrency, providing your business with a safe and reliable way for your clients to pay using cryptocurrency

HAYVN Pay Installation Guide

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To start accepting cryptocurrency payments via HAYVN Pay, the following steps are required:

  1. Create a HAYVN Pay Account by clicking the Register Here button. (If you already have a HAYVN Pay account, you can sign in here.)

Please note: To use HAYVN Pay, you must register for a HAYVN Pay account. You will not be able to utilise the HAYVN Pay plugin without a HAYVN Pay account.

After completing the registration form, click the Free Download button in the top right and install the HAYVN Pay plugin.’

Download the HAYVN Pay Gateway plugin from the WooCommerce marketplace and simply upload it to your WordPress website. You can do this from the ‘Free Download’ button at the top of the product page.

To upload the plugin to your WordPress website, head to the ‘Plugins Tab’,

Click ‘Add New’, then click ‘Chose File’ and

Upload the HAYVN Pay zip file.

After installing and activating the plugin, navigate to WooCommerce on your WordPress dashboard. Click ‘Settings’ and head to the ‘Payments’ tab.

To configure HAYVN Pay, click the ‘Manage’ button.

On this page you can configure your HAYVN Pay plugin settings. You can obtain your Account ID, Profile ID and API Callback Token from the HAYVN Pay Console following the steps below.

Fill in your account ID into the corresponding field. This can be found under settings in the HAYVN Pay Console. Copy the Account ID from the HAYVN Pay Console and paste it into the Account ID Field in your HAYVN Pay Gateway settings on your WordPress dashboard.

Next, find your Profile ID under the Profiles tab in the HAYVN Pay Console.

Next, fill in your API Callback Token which can be found under Settings > API Keys. Note: You will need to activate your 2 Factor Authentication to generate an API Key.

Finally, click Save Changes. You are now able to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers globally.


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