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Multi-currency: Shortcodes

WooCommerce Multi-currency is an extension that provides switching currencies and re-calculating rates on-the-fly.

This document describes advanced multi-currency settings. The initial setup and configuration can be found on this page.

What are WordPress shortcodes?

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Shortcodes in WordPress are code shortcuts that help you add dynamic content in WordPress posts, pages, and sidebar widgets. They are displayed inside square brackets like this:



Currency Switcher shortcode

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To embed the Currency Switcher in a page or post, you can use the woocommerce-currency-switcher shortcode.

Standard dropdown

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[woocommerce-currency-switcher format="{{code}}: {{name}} ({{symbol}})"]

The placeholders in curly brackets are used to fine-tune the display format. Below you can see the formatting examples:

  • Note: “selector” is now replaced with the new one, named “switcher”. Parameters are the same.
WooCommerce Multi-currency - shortcode

Currency Switcher with country flags

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To show flags in the switcher, add flag=1 parameter to the shortcode:

[woocommerce-currency-switcher format="{{code}}: {{name}} ({{symbol}})" flag=1]

Note: you may need to add CSS rules to match the switcher with flags to your WordPress theme.

Currency Converter shortcode

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The woomc-convert shortcode can be used to display prices converted to a specific currency. Below you can see some usage examples:

Base currency:CAD
Active currency:USD
With no arguments, shortcode will output zero:
Use value=”1″ to display the rate:
[woomc-convert value="1" decimals="4"]
Convert $5 from base (CAD) to the active (USD) currency:
[woomc-convert value="5"]
Display just the converted value, without the currency sign:
[woomc-convert value="5" formatting="false"]
“off” and “false” are the same:
[woomc-convert value="5" formatting="off"]
Convert $5 to a specific currency (not the active one):
[woomc-convert value="5" currency="EUR"]
Override the number of decimals for the currency (JPY has no decimals by default):
[woomc-convert value="5" currency="JPY" decimals=1]
Display value in the base currency (CAD):
[woomc-convert value="5" currency="DEFAULT"]

Currency Switcher in a menu

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Using shortcode (since version 2.11.0)

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  • Note: “selector” is now replaced with the new one, named “switcher”.
    • Do not change the #woomc-shortcode URL
    • Be very accurate when changing the shortcode in the “Description” field. If you miss a quote or a bracket, the output will be broken.

Using hard-coded URLs (legacy method)

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You can create a hard-coded currency switcher using Custom Links:

Please remember to update the menu items when you add or remove currencies.