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Outfy – Automated social media promotions

Easily create VIDEOS, COLLAGES, animated GIFs, and many kinds of engaging promotional content of your store products, effectively promote your store on social media, and reach more customers – that’s what Outfy helps you do.

To get started with Outfy, it’s a simple 3 step process:

  1. Signup
  2. Setup or configure your social networks
  3. Choose a plan – FREE or Subscription(Monthly/Annual)

Start promoting with Outfy, increase engagement and boost your sales.


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You need to have social media accounts of your business which will be connected to Outfy. Outfy will then publish engaging content on these accounts on your behalf.

Currently supported top and widely used social media networks:

  1. Facebook Business page
  2. Instagram Business
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Youtube


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To sign up for a new Outfy account:

  1. Go to Outfy’s WooCommerce Partner page
  2. Click on the “Connect WooCommerce store” button
  3. A dialog will open up where you need to enter your store/website url
  4. On entering the store url, you will be automatically redirected to your Store admin page for further authorization using your admin credentials
  5. Provide all the necessary permissions to Outfy. Outfy will need the access to your Store details and products only. Outfy works only in READ only mode. Outfy never updates anything on your website/store

Configure Social networks

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Upon successful authorization, Outfy will automatically pull your store and product details in the background. In the next step, you will need to connect your social networks to Outfy.  At least one social account is required for Outfy to function properly

Click on any of icons to connect it to Outfy. Provide the appropriate permissions wherever required for Outfy to function properly.

Choose a Plan

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This is the last step of the registration process. Choose a plan of your choice. You may fully try Outfy for 7 days and cancel before the trial period if you are not sure about using it.  You may also choose the FREE forever plan and use Outfy with some restrictions.

Upon choosing the right plan, you will be redirected to Woocommerce checkout for buying/subscribing to Outfy. Outfy uses Woocommerce payment system for complete purchase.

SmartQ – smart automation

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SmartQ is a tool that helps you automate creation and sharing of Product, Collage, Animated GIFs, and Videos on social media networks.

When you signup, Outfy creates a default SmartQ for you. It is there to familiarise you with SmartQ. It runs daily so that you get acquainted with its smartness and intelligence of auto creation & posting. You may turn it off anytime you wish to.

Find SmartQs

When you log in, you will find SmartQ to your left. The screencap shows you exactly where.

SmartQs List

The SmartQ list shows you your existing SmartQ tasks. The SmartQs you add or remove are reflected in this list. You can edit or delete your SmartQs on this list.

For detailed information as to how SmartQ works, configuration, settings etc, refer to this complete guide

Note – if you do not wish to promote automatically through SmartQ, you can turn it off and do promotions manually.