Payment Reminder for WooCommerce

Payment Reminder allows you to automatically send reminder emails for pending payments, follow up emails asking for a review, and emails to customers who cancelled the order based on specific rules you create. Email will be sent automatically after initial setup, which includes enabling reminders, selecting the interval day, and the limit on the number of reminders sent. You can also manually send emails for each order. For example, for a specific payment method, you can send a payment reminder email if an order is still pending payment two days after the order has been placed. You can encourage customers who cancelled the order, by providing discount coupons whether or not they selected a specific payment method. This extension automatically detects orders with pending payments and sends payment reminders. Emails must be sent to the users whose payment is still pending or who cancelled the order. This extension helps you to collect customer reviews from those who recently purchased a product by allowing you to invite them to review the items purchased. As soon as an order is completed, a product review email is sent to user. Following that received email, user can give feedback for the purchased product in return. Main features:

  • Automatically send email reminders for WooCommerce orders (for pending payment order, or follow-up emails asking for a review, or for a cancelled order).
  • Manually send emails for each order.
  • Automatically invite customers to review their purchase.
  • Easily access and manage the “Pending order” and “Cancelled Order” in the extension.
  • Easily enable/disable a reminder at any time from settings.
  • Set up CC and/or BCC for each email to keep track of them.
  • You can select the day to send a reminder email after the order is placed.
  • You can set the reminder limit. Email will be automatically sent until it reaches the limit.
  • You can add a discount coupon to encourage customers who cancelled an order to make a purchase.
  • You can create a coupon for specific payment method.
  • You can restrict the payment method for a pending payment order.
  • Edit the content for the email text, including placeholders for data from the order (name, order total, etc.)
  • You can customize the header, body, and footer of emails.

Payment reminder Settings

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Hold Stock Setting: Go to woocoommerce->settings->products->inventory To send reminders for pending payment, the hold stock need to be updated. Example: If interval days has set to 2 days and limit to 3 times. It means the first reminder will send after 2nd days from the day of placed order, then again second reminder will send after 4th days from the day of placed order, then again third reminder will send after 6th days from the day of placed order. The auto reminder will be sent until it reaches the limit OR until the order staus will not change from pending. Auto reminder will run on 2 days interval from the day of order placed. To fetch the pending orders, the hold stock need to be increased to more than 6 days. OR keep it blank.   Easy to set up, customizable emails.   Additional Coupons Feature Create coupons for a specific payment gateway.   Easily Manage Order Listing Easily access all pending and canceled orders. You can manually send reminder email to each order.     Note: First disabled your website emails from your hosting or by using any plugin, after that activate payment reminder plugin and setup the email contents. After setup enable your website emails.