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WooCommerce Payments in Your Country

If you are an individual or business based in one of 18 supported countries, you can sign up as a merchant with WooCommerce Payments. After completing sign-up, you can accept payments from customers anywhere in the world in over 100 supported currencies.

Supported Countries ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Payments is available for individuals and businesses in:

🇦🇺 Australia
🇦🇹 Austria
🇧🇪 Belgium
🇨🇦 Canada
🇫🇷 France
🇩🇪 Germany
🇭🇰 Hong Kong
🇮🇪 Ireland
🇮🇹 Italy
🇳🇱 Netherlands
🇳🇿 New Zealand
🇵🇱 Poland
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇸🇬 Singapore
🇪🇸 Spain
🇨🇭 Switzerland
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
🇺🇸 United States

Outlying territories ↑ Back to top

Businesses located in an outlying territory of the U.S. are not supported, with the exception of Puerto Rico. This includes businesses based in the U.S. Virgin Islands or any other U.S. territory or possession.

Other countries ↑ Back to top

In support of creating a global commerce platform, the WooCommerce team is actively working to make WooCommerce Payments available to other countries. We prioritize new countries and currencies based on a number of factors, including the number of requests by WooCommerce store owners in that country.

If you want to use WooCommerce Payments and it’s not available in your country, please vote for your country to be supported on the WooCommerce Ideas board.

You can also request an invite to a pre-launch preview of WooCommerce Payments before it officially launches in your country.

Country specific features ↑ Back to top

Some features of WooCommerce Payments are only available to merchants in certain countries. Specifically, the following features are currently available only to merchants in the United States:

If you want to use on of these features and it is not available in your country, please vote for support to be offered on the WooCommerce Ideas board.


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