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How do I access my Stripe account for WooCommerce Payments?

WooCommerce Payments is built in partnership with Stripe. In some cases, you may need to access your Stripe account for WooCommerce Payments. For example, if Stripe request you provide additional information for verification, like a photo ID, or you need to update your contact details, bank accounts or other business details.

To access your Stripe account via WooCommerce Payments:

  1. Go to Payments > Settings.
  2. Click Manage in Stripe to be taken to Stripe.com
  3. Click Sign out to return to your WooCommerce dashboard,

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It is not possible to log in to Stripe.com directly with the email address used to create your WooCommerce Payments account with Stripe. Instead, you need to access your Stripe account via the login link provided within your WooCommerce site’s dashboard using the instructions above.

If you are unable to access your WooCommerce site or need additional assistance accessing your Stripe account for WooCommerce Payments, please contact support.


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