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Borlabs Cookie

General Information

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This requires at least Borlabs Cookie version 2.1.0

Borlabs Cookie allows visitors to give or remove consent for specific cookies in each cookie category. Therefore we need to make sure that every single cookie is configured in Borlabs Cookie properly.


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The following guide will show you how to import a cookie configuration that adds all cookies from the WooCommerce Pixel Manager, active or inactive, into Borlabs Cookie. Then it will explain how to remove the inactive cookies from the Borlabs Cookie configuration. This is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to add the configuration.

1. Copy the following JSON configuration.

View, copy, and import the English version of the configuration into Borlabs: configuration
View, copy, and import the German version of the configuration into Borlabs: configuration

2. Paste the configuration into Borlabs Cookie > Import & Export > Import > Cookies & Cookie Groups.

3. Click the import button.

4. Open Borlabs Cookie > Cookies.

5. Delete all the cookies from marketing and statistics that you haven’t activated in the WooCommerce Pixel Manager.

6. Done. Your Borlabs Cookie configuration is ready.

Migration Guide for Users of the Old Borlabs Cookie Setup

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1. Remove the add_filter( 'wgact_cookie_prevention', '__return_true' ); filter from functions.php

2. Follow the new setup guide above.