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Create a new conversion in Google Ads ↑ Back to top

How to set up a purchase conversion in Google Ads


Skip this step, if you’ve already created a purchase conversion in Google Ads

1. Open Conversions in Google Ads

2. Initiate a new conversion action

3. Choose conversion type “Website”

4. Configure the Google Ads conversion settings

Use the following default settings. Only change if you know what you’re doing.

  • Category: Purchase
  • Conversion name: Purchase
  • Value: Use different values for each conversion
  • Default value: zero
  • Count: Every
  • Attribution: Position-based

Configure the plugin ↑ Back to top

How to find and set the conversion ID and conversion label

1. Get the conversion ID and conversion label

Open the purchase conversion in Google Ads.

Copy the purchase conversion id and label from the Google Tag Manager tab.

2. Set the conversion ID and label in the plugin

Conversion Cart Data ↑ Back to top

This features adds another level of detail to the purchase conversion. Along the conversion value it will add information about the items sold. In return you will see more detailed revenue metrics for the Google Shopping campaigns.


  • Detailed reporting on items sold
  • Clear measure of revenue and profit generated by Shopping Ads
  • Detailed reporting on cart size and average order value

Google support article on Conversion Cart Data


Enable this feature by saving the Google Merchant Center ID in the plugin.

You can find the Google Merchant Center ID in the URL after you log into the Google Merchant Center.

Phone Conversion Number ↑ Back to top

Google Ads allows to track calls to a phone number on a website. It does this by automatically swapping the real phone number with a Google number which will redirect the call to the real phone number.

You can test the phone swapping by appending the following URL parameter on one of the pages where your phone number appears: #google-wcc-debug

The URL would then look like this: https://example.com/#google-wcc-debug


You’ll find more info about phone call conversion tracking on the Google support pages here.

Enhanced Conversions ↑ Back to top

New Beta by Google: Enhanced conversions is a feature that can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement. It supplements your existing conversion tags by sending hashed first party conversion data from your shop in a privacy safe way.


The diagnostics report in Google Ads is delayed. If it shows one or several warnings please wait a few days, sometimes up to two weeks, and recheck before contacting our support.

Setup instructions:

1. Make sure you comply with the customer data policies

2. Accept the customer data terms: Open your Google Ads account > Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions > Settings > Accept customer data terms.

3. Enable enhanced conversions in your purchase conversion: Open your Google Ads account > Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions > Edit your purchase conversion > Open the enhanced conversions tab and save the following settings.

4. Diagnostics Report: After 72 hours a diagnostics report for enhanced conversions will appear on the conversion action. Read more on how to find the diagnostics report and how to read it over the following link.


You’ll find more info from Google about Enhanced Conversions herehere, and here.


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