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Create a TikTok Pixel

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  1. Open the TikTok Ads Manager and in the menu click Assets > Event
  2. Select Manage under Web Events
  3. Click Set Up Web Events
  4. Give your new pixel a Pixel Name and select TikTok Pixel as your connection method, then Next.
  1. Choose Manually Install Pixel Code and Next
  1. As Event Setup Mode choose Custom Code, then Next
  1. On the next screen click Next
  1. On the next screen click Next
  1. Done.

Get the TikTok pixel ID and set it up in the Pixel Manager​

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  1. Open the TikTok Ads Manager
  2. In the menu choose > Assets > Events
  3. Choose to manage Web EventsGoogle Ads conversion type
  4. Copy the TikTok pixel ID and paste it into the Pixel ManagerGoogle Ads conversion type
  5. Done. You are ready. The Pixel Manager will now send e-commerce events to the TikTok advertising platform.

TikTok Events API

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Available from version 1.27.0, only for users of the premium version

The Pixel Manager fully supports the TikTok Events API with browser and server event deduplication.

Access Token​

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The TikTok Ads Manager account Admin or Operator can generate an access token directly under the pixel Settings tab.


  1. In TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to Assets > Events, and click Manage in the Web Events section.
  2. Find the pixel object that you want to use for reporting events, and click its name to view its settings. If you need to create a new pixel object, remember to select Manually install pixel code and Developer Mode.
  3. In the Settings tab, click Generate Access Token. The token will be generated immediately. You can then copy the access token and paste it into the Pixel Manager and start to make API requests.

Process Anonymous Hits​

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The Pixel Manager doesn’t send an Event API hit if a visitor is blocking the TikTok pixel. If you enable this setting the Pixel Manager will send an anonymized Event API hit to TikTok. It will generate a random ttp ID, and then send the event to TikTok.

Advanced Matching​

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When this option is enabled, the Pixel Manager will additionally send several visitor identifiers to TikTok, such as IP address and email. It is optional and will increase the likelihood that TikTok will match the hit to an existing TikTok user profile. For security reasons the Pixel Manager will hash the data where possible.

Make sure that enabling this option adheres to your local regulation.

Pixel Helper​

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You can get the TikTok Pixel Helper from the Chrome web store: TikTok Pixel Helper

It will help you to verify that the pixel fires correctly.