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We only support the most current versions of WooCommerce, WordPress and PHP.

There is some backward compatibility, but if things break you will need to make sure that you’re running the most current versions of WooCommerce, WordPress and PHP.

We won’t provide support for old versions of WooCommerce, WordPress or PHP.

The minimum requirement for WordPress and WooCommerce are as follows:

(The lowest PHP version that WordPress runs on is hard coded in the source code.)

Payment Gateways

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The plugin is 100% compatible with all payment gateways that redirect properly to the payment confirmation page after a purchase.

Generally this is the case for on-site payment gateways.

Off-site payment gateways on the other hand cause problems.


We generally recommend to avoid off-site payment gateways because they impair the conversion tracking significantly. We’ve seen conversion tracking drops down to 20% of what should have been measured. Such low tracking accuracy as a consequence also impairs campaign optimization.

Why do off-site payment gateways impair conversion tracking so much?. Here are the main reasons:

  • The conversion tracking happens on the purchase confirmation page.
  • The off-site payment gateway needs to be configured properly in order to redirect to the WooCommerce purchase confirmation page after a payment. If that redirect doesn’t work, no conversions can be tracked at all.
  • Some off-site payment gateways don’t automatically redirect back to the purchase confirmation page, but only after a click on a button by the buyer. Many buyers don’t click that button.
  • Buyers may stop automatic redirects to the purchase confirmation page after they see that the purchase has been confirmed by the payment provider.

What are off-site and on-site payment gateways?

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  • Off-site payment gateways redirect the visitor away from the shop domain to a domain belonging to the payment provider. They usually try to redirect the visitor back to purchase confirmation page of the WooCommerce shop after the payment has been confirmed. But this doesn’t always work.
  • On-site payment gateways keep the visitor on the shop domain for checkout and usually automatically redirect to the WooCommerce purchase confirmation page once the payment has been confirmed.

General recommendations

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Please avoid the PayPal standard payment gateway that comes pre-installed with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has list of available payment gateways here. Make sure to choose an on-site payment gateway.