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Products Visibility By User Roles

Setup & Configurations

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Menu for products visibility After activating Product Visibility by User Roles plugin, you can see the “Product Visibility” under the WooCommerce menu. Click to open the settings page. The settings page provides you 3 different tabs to configure the product as per your requirements,
  1. Global Visibility (Hide/Show catalog for not logged in or all registered customers)
  2. Visibility by User Roles (Hide/show catalog by user roles)
  3. General Settings (Allow/disallow google to crawl your hidden pages)

Global Visibility:

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The global visibility tab allows you to hide/show products for not logged in customers or all registered customers irrespective of their user roles. Here you can choose to hide
  • Products
  • Categories
You can also draft a customized message to be displayed for visitors who tries to access the restricted page.

Catalog Visibility by User Roles:

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Visibility by User Roles tab enables you to show/hide products for each user role. Click on the role for which you want to adjust your catalog visibility. Click on “” to apply new catalog visibility changes.
  • Show – The products will be visible to the specified user role only and for the rest, they will be hidden.
  • Hide – The products will be hidden for the specified user role only and for the rest, they will be available.
You can show/hide products and categories for all user roles simultaneously.

General Settings:

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The general settings allow you to allow/disallow search engines from crawling, indexing, and ranking your page. If you choose to hide specific products and categories from not logged in customers, they will remain hidden for Google as well. Check this box to enable search engines to crawl and rank those private pages. General settings of products visibility

How to show a specific product or category to retailers only and keep it hidden for everyone else?

From the admin panel, go to WooCommerce > Product Visibility > Global visibility tab and select the product and category you want to hide. This will hide the product and/or category from guests and all registered customers irrespective of their role. Dont forget to select the checkbox to enable this global setting. Now as they are hidden for everyone, you can now open them to the retailer and any other user role. In order to show the product, go to “visibility by user roles” tab, and navigate to the user role for which you want to open this hidden product and category. In this case its retailer. Select the “show” from dropdown plus and select all categories and hit the save button. Why select all categories? Because the “show” function hides all other products and shows only the one you have select. Here selecting all categories would mean it will show all categories along with the one that just hides for everyone. Now the specified product and/or category will remain hidden for everyone except the retailer user role.


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Does it hide categories entirely? Unfortunately, it does not hide the category entirely however when a restricted customer tries to visit the category page it shows the customized error message or redirects to another URL depending on your settings. Does it hide products entirely? Yes, it hides the products from the listing page and default search results.