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Real Cookie Banner


Available from version 1.32.3


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For each pixel that you set up in the Pixel Manager, you need to make sure to enable a cookie template in the Real Cookie Banner.

In most cases, there is a template available in the Real Cookie Banner, and no manual setup is necessary. The Pixel Manager will automatically detect the Real Cookie Banner, what consent was given by the visitor and activate or deactivate the tracking scripts accordingly.

However, when you create custom cookie templates there are two rules you have to follow:

  • Don’t add a Code executed on opt-in or Code executed on opt-out to the template. The Pixel Manager already takes care of that. If you add code to those sections, it will be executed twice and will lead to inaccurate tracking.
  • You have to make sure to add the correct cookies to the cookie settings. The Pixel Manager compares those cookies and uses them to automatically detect the consent of the visitor. If you don’t add the correct cookies, the Pixel Manager will not be able to detect the consent of the visitor. Find out which cookies are set by the tracking pixel by asking the provider of the tracking pixel.