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Product Configuration

Configuration of Restaurant Menu

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  •  Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Restaurant Management

Fill the required details

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All the highlighted fields will be entered by the admin.

Need to place ShortCode on Page

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Admin needs to copy the short code from ‘Restaurant Management’ tab and paste it on any page Create a page and paste the selected shortcode as shown in below image:

Composite Product Compatibility and Configuration:

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  1. Go to ‘Products Menu’
  2. Add a ‘New Product’
  3. Give the ‘Tilte of Page’
  4. Set Product Data as ‘Composite Page’
  5. Go to ‘Components Tab’ 
  6. Add ‘Components’ 
  7. Add ‘Component Name’
  8. Add ‘Component Description’
  9. Attach ‘Image of Component’
  10. Select ‘Component Option’ and ‘Product tags’ that you have already saved in your product list
  11. Set ‘Minimum’ and ‘Maximum’ quantity field
  12. Mark/Unmark ‘Ship Individually’ option
  13. Mar/Unmark ‘Price Individually’ option
  14. Save it and a new component will be shown

Set Minicart Settings with following options

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  1. Widget title text
  2. Proceed checkout button title
  3. If there is no item selected so the text to represent that intimation
  4. If there is no item selected so what icon needs to be shown
Following is the impact of MiniCart on frontend:
  • Widget title text is displayed as per our given text
  • Proceed to checkout button text
  • No item selected text
  • No item selected logo
Give description of days and timing that when your restaurant operates