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Why use Restaurant for WooCommerce

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With all these features Restaurant for WooCommerce provides a unique online ordering system for your WooCommerce website which allows you to:
  • Display your restaurant’s menu items in categories or as individual products. You can also set their sorting order from the back-end settings.
  • Display the customer’s order summary through the mini-cart widget. They can also increase or decrease the number of items in the cart.
  • Display your restaurant’s name, logo, and description on the front-end menu. Menu product data is automatically fetched from your WooCommerce’s inventory.
  • Add a minimum order total to let the customers know what order amount they need to check out. The inability to do so will show an error on the checkout page.
  • Add unlimited delivery options (free delivery, express delivery, etc.) for your customers’ convenience.
  • Let your customers add a special request (comments) to their order before proceeding to the checkout page.
  • Set the daily opening and closing time for your restaurant so that your customers can see the restaurant status (open or closed) before ordering.
  • Display a text and image when the mini-cart widget is empty or no orders have been added to the cart.
  • Use a unique shortcode to display your restaurant’s order menu on any page or post.

Front End View

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How to Get Started

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  • Buy Restaurant for WooCommerce.
  • Download and install the extension.
  • Activate, set up, and configure the extension.
Read the technical documentation to help you walk through the process of setting up your restaurant’s menu, mini-cart widget, closing, and opening timings, and more.