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Setting Up and Installing Wholesale and Order Form by POWR

Wholesale and Order Form is a great and versatile tool to:

  • Build your form the way you need it! 
  • Collect file uploads 
  • Build your own custom autoresponder emails 
  • Position your form for more responses and registration – either popup or fixed position 
  • Use conditional logic to show/hide questions based on a customer’s previous response 
  • Split your form into pages (or multiple steps) 
  • Redirect users after submission or show them a ‘Thank you’ message.

Save 50% Admin Time by Connecting Integrations!

To advertise a future event with a custom countdown, follow these steps:

  1. Open the POWR Editor for your Wholesale and Order Form
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Locate the Integrations section
  4. Connect the integration you would like to use with your Wholesale Form.

You can connect vCita, Mailchimp, Google Sheets and more including 1000s of other integrations with Zapier.


Send an Autoresponder Email to Visitors Who Fill Out Your Form

Automatically send a thank you email to wholesale inquiries with next steps to easily manage incoming requests. You can customize the emails with conditional logic to send a specific email based on an answer to any question on your Wholesale and Order Form.

Here is how you can set this up using POWR Wholesale and Order Form:

  1. Open the POWR Editor for your Wholesale and Order Form and select the Settings tab.
  2. Select Autoresponder and enable it by clicking on the button.
  3. Select All Form Respondents to send everyone the same email or select Specific Form Respondents* to use conditional logic to send email variants.
  4. Click Customize Autoresponder button and customize your email
  5. Select Save when finished.

*If Specific Form Respondents is selected, you will be asked to define the answer to a specific question before you can design your emails.


Collect Payments With Wholesale and Order Form

You can collect payments directly upon a Wholesale and Order Form submission. By adding different prices and products this versatile option will make it easy for you to collect customer payments before fulfilling their order. To enable payments:

  1. Open the POWR Editor and select the Payments tab.
  2. Click to Require Payments and go to Connect Payment Accounts.
  3. Select the payment processors you wish to connect and enter the required information.

For more information on setting up Wholesale and Order Form, visit the POWR Help Center.

How to Install POWR Wholesale and Quote Form on WooCommerce

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  1. Find POWR Countdown Timer in the WooCommerce Extensions Directory and click Install.
  2. Download the files.
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload > Select your POWR zip
  4. Click on Activate Plugin
  5. You will automatically be authenticated on POWR. Approve access to continue.
  6. You will now see a POWR Plugins item in the left-hand navigation and you will be able to access all POWR Plugins for WooCommerce. 

How to Add POWR Plugins to WooCommerce

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  1. In the POWR Plugins navigation menu, click on your chosen plugin:
  1. Create your plugin in the POWR Editor.
  2. When you’re ready, click the blue ‘Add to Site’ button on the top right of the POWR Editor.
  3. Copy the HTML snippet and paste it wherever you would like to add your POWR plugin.

How to Add your POWR Plugin to WooCommerce Products

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Option 1: Adding to Product Data

  1. You will see a new section appear under Product data called POWR Plugins.
  2. Click POWR Plugins and you will see a default form.
  3. At the top of the form preview on the right-hand side you can select whether to display the form above or below your product, or not display it at all:

To edit the content of the form, click on Edit Form Builder.

This will open the POWR Editor in a pop-out window where you can make any necessary changes:

When you’re happy with your changes, close the POWR Editor.

Click Update in the Publish panel on the top right :

To check how it looks, click Preview Changes.

Option 2: Adding to Text Sections

  1. Go to Products.
  2. Select your product and click Edit.
  3. You will now see an option to add POWR plugins in all sections that contain a text editor. Select your preferred plugin and the code snippet will be added to the text sections automatically.

Click Update and then Preview Changes on the right-hand side.

Customize your plugin live on your site!

🎉Congratulations on installing your POWR plugin on WooCommerce! 🎉