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This is documentation on the SyncTrack application, which will help you to configure your app in the right way.

Having tracking info submitted to PayPal – in 3 easy steps

1. Paypal Account Setup 

Install the app on Shopify and connect the app with your PayPal account to let the app sync tracking info to Paypal.

How to connect the app with your Paypal merchant account:

Step 1: Add SyncTrack – Add tracking auto app to your store. 

Step 2: Install the app to your store => App admin => Click to SETTINGS tab => Click Connect with Paypal.

Step 3: Log in to your Paypal account 

Step 4: Agree and connect your account with SyncTrack – Add tracking auto app 

Step 5: After connecting, it will take back you to the app admin, where you can see the “confirmed” status and credentials ID. Then, the app is ready to add tracking information to PayPal once the orders are fulfilled. 

How to connect the app with multiple Paypal accounts

If you regularly change your PayPal account on Woocomerce to reduce the spike on one account, please connect to the respective PayPal accounts in the application so that tracking information is uploaded to the correct PayPal account.

You also can more Paypal accounts by clicking on “Add Paypal Account” and repeating the same process as you did with the first one.



  • Orders that Woocomerce returns to a Paypal account (Email) will be added with tracking information to the respective account.
  • Orders that Woocomerce does not return a Paypal account (Email) or Paypal account (Email) that has not been added to the list, tracking information will be added to the primary account.

✏️ Watch the tutorial video to have a better visualization on how to create a limited-access user on PayPal:


2. Automatic Notification 

Every time an order is fulfilled and tracking info is added to Woocomerce, your store notifies us instantly and automatically by Woocomerce. It will give the order a tracking number and tracking company. We will submit these two to PayPal. This tracking number corresponds to each shipping unit. 

Real-time access to submission status: 

SyncTrack – Add tracking auto provides you a piece of fully transparent information available of fulfilled orders and tracking info submitted to PayPal.

The data report is constantly updated to keep customers informed about their transactions.

You can review the tracking information for the Last 30 days / Today / This month / Last month/ All time.

3. Process old orders: ↑ Back to top

Orders will automatically be synced to PayPal as soon as you mark the order as fulfilled and add the tracking number.

However, for old orders, you still should process them by clicking the “Process Old Orders” button to add the tracking code to PayPal automatically.


You can review the tracking information for the Last 30 days / Today / This month / Last month/ Custom time:



Upload CSV function

In the “Orders” tab, the Upload CSV function lets you upload orders from other platforms with a template file. The app will automatically detect the info and help you add tracking numbers to Paypal.

Step 1: Download Template
Step 2: Enter order information if you want to add tracking information to PayPal for orders from other platforms => Save the file to your computer
Step 3: 
Upload the updated template fil

4. Plan Package ↑ Back to top

In the Dashboard tab, you can see the current plan you are using and how many orders have been synced on the current month per your package

Choose a plan that fits your needs. 

There are 2 options for you to pay:

  • Pay monthly
  • Pay annually

Except for the UNLIMITED plan, the other three have a limited number of orders available for being submitted to PayPal. For each plan, we submit tracking information to PayPal for one order. 

The plan will be renewed every 30 days.

After choosing the plan, you will be asked to process old orders or not.

✏️   NOTES: 

  • The old orders will count to your usage this month.
  • Get old orders function allows you to sync tracking numbers from old orders to Paypal, you need to grant the app access to use this. 
  • Upload CSV function lets you upload orders from other platforms with a template file. The app will automatically detect the info and help you add tracking numbers to Paypal. 

5. Payment gateway support 

Synctrack supports almost all of the payment gateways such as Checkout-X, Intercart,etc. Synctrack helps you reduce chargebacks, disputes, and other costs, regardless of the payment gateway or third party, you use or whether you are a paid user or utilizing the free version of the app.

If you have any problem in using SyncTrack – Add tracking auto please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@synctrack.com, our support team will make sure your problem is solved as soon as possible. 


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