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TikTok for WooCommerce

What it does

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TikTok For WooCommerce offers:

  1. Easy TikTok For Business and TikTok Ad account setup.
  2. One-click installation of the most advanced TikTok advertising pixel for improved tracking.
  3. Automatic catalog syncing that makes it easy to create Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads plus access to new, upcoming organic eCommerce features.
  4. Access to assisted ad campaign creation within your dashboard.

TikTok For Business glossary

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TikTok For Business is the overarching business platform to help brands grow their audience on TikTok and maximize their ROI. It includes pixel installation, ads creation and management tools, and catalog sync. Learn more about TikTok For Business.


This is your public profile that your audience will see. If you have an existing standard TikTok account, you can switch it to a Business account if you would like.

Once you have a TikTok account, you’ll be able to connect it to your TikTok For Business account and run advertising on your posts. Skip ahead to Create a TikTok (Business) Account to see how to create a standard account and switch it to a Business account.

Learn more about TikTok (Business) accounts.


TikTok Business Center is a brand’s “control room” for all its assets on TikTok. It lets you edit your users’ access to advertising tools, catalog, audience, pixel, monitoring logs, and activity. Learn more about TikTok Business Center.


TikTok’s advertising platform offers brands a broad range of ad formats and campaign management tools such as video-generation solutions, real-time result and cost monitoring, smart audience targeting, and more. Learn more about TikTok Ads Manager.


TikTok’s pixel powers its advertising tools and optimizes the results of any campaign. The most recent version is automatically installed when setting up TikTok For WooCommerce. Learn more about TikTok Pixel.


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To create ads using TikTok for WooCommerce:

  • You need a TikTok account, Business Center account, and TikTok Ad account. You can create these during setup if needed.
  • Your business must be in one of the following countries:
    • Inc.: United States its territories and possessions, Canada, and Venezuela 
    • UK Limited: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway
    • Australia Pty Ltd: Australia and New Zealand
    • Pte. Ltd.: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, Taiwan, Bangladesh, UAE, Morocco, Belarus, Turkey, Serbia, and Saudi Arabia
    • Bytedance Brasil Tecnologia Ltd.: Brazil
    • Bytedance KK: Japan
  • Your TikTok Ad account must be created in the same country as the Store ID

Connecting your store with TikTok For Business

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Set up TikTok For WooCommerce

Go to WordPress and find TikTok under “Plugins” Click “Activate” to get started.

Then, click “Marketing” → “TikTok” on the left hand panel

Click Connect to authorize WooCommerce to access your TikTok account.

Sign up for a new TikTok account or click “Log in” if you already have one.

Authorize TikTok For Business to connect using your TikTok Account


Now that you’ve connected your TikTok For Business account, you’ll be prompted to create or connect your TikTok Business Center account and TikTok Ad account.

To create a new TikTok Business Center account, you can simply click on Create New under the Business Center section. If you have an existing Business Center account associated with your TikTok For Business account, choose the relevant one and click Connect.

Under the TikTok Ad Account section, click Create New to create a TikTok Ad account. If you have an existing TikTok Ad account, click Connect next to the account you want to use.


If you do not currently have a TikTok pixel, or if you have installed your pixel recently (less than 2 months of use), follow the instructions below.

1. Remove your existing TikTok pixel from your site (if any). Make sure it is not currently being used by any active campaigns.

2. Install a new pixel.

3. Make sure Enable Advanced Matching feature is enabled to improve the match rate between TikTok ad clicks and conversions that happen on your website.


Under the Catalog section, click Create New to sync your existing WooCommerce catalog onto your TikTok profile.


Once you’ve completed all setup sections, click Finish Setup.


After completing your setup, you can set up your Billing & Payment information by clicking “Create Now” to start designing your ad. Before submission, you will be prompted to add your Billing & Payment information.

OR Navigate to your Integration Dashboard and select “Update account” or  select “Add Now” on the notification

You will be prompted to enter your Business address, select your payment method and click Next.

Then to enter your Credit or Debit information and select submit.

Advertise on TikTok

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Once you’ve finished setting up TikTok For Business, you can access your account on TikTok Ads Manager and explore TikTok’s extensive range of advertising formats or use the Ad Campaign creation feature right from WooCommerce.


  • Submit an ad for review through the TikTok Ads Manager platform or directly via the TikTok For WooCommerce integration.
  • The ad undergoes review to ensure all creative elements (ad caption, video, audio, etc.) adhere to TikTok policies
  • You will receive a notification once your TikTok ads have been approved and published. Most TikTok ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although some may take longer
  • If the ad is rejected and there are changes that can be made to help publish it, you will be notified via Ad Group in the TikTok Ads Manager platform.


Before you can use your synced catalog data in an ad (like a simple campaign using your existing product pictures or Collections and Dynamic Showcase Ads), your Ad Account must be approved.

If you have followed the steps to connect the integration outlined in the Setting up the Integration section, there are NO additional actions needed. 

To manually submit your account for review and approval:

1. Go to TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to Ad Account and enter your Website, Billing Address, and Payment Type (Automatic or Manual). Note that you will not be charged until you actually run a campaign.

2. After your information is entered, your account will go into review (typically approved immediately).

3. Once your account is approved, TikTok will automatically add it under the Business Center and enable your synced catalog to be used in ad campaign setup. Catalog sync happens immediately after setup is complete.

Note: There must be at least 6 approved products in the catalog.

Create an Ad Campaign

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You can create a new ad campaign directly from WooCommerce.

Catalog-Based Ads allow you to easily create product ads using your synced WooCommerce catalog. This ad format has a Conversion Campaign objective. For other objectives (like Awareness or Consideration), you’ll need to use TikTok Ads Manager.

To create a Catalog-Based Ad, click TikTok (under the Marketing Tab) in the WordPress Dashboard

Select “Create a Campaign

Fill out the information needed to launch your ad campaign.

  • Campaign Name – Choose a name for your ad campaign. This is for internal reference only and is not visible to users.
  • Promotion Type – Select what you will be promoting (a product from your synced catalog or your store’s homepage URL).
  • Ad Creative – Set up your video creative by either uploading your own video or using TikTok’s Smart Video Creation tool.
  • Display Name & Profile Image (under Advanced Settings) – Deliver your ads with a custom profile image and display name that will be shown to users.
  • Conversion event – Select which event you want to optimize for. See the full list of optimization events enabled for your WooCommerce store here.
  • Audience targeting – Choose an audience you would like to target based on your product and experience
  • Budget & Schedule – Set your campaign budget and schedule the first date & time for delivery. The system will automatically optimize delivery to keep the best cost-per-action.

Pro tip: Select an upper funnel conversion event (like View Content, Add to Cart, or Purchase) so your pixel can quickly learn high-intent users.


If you don’t have an existing video, you can use TikTok’s Smart Video Tool to automatically create a video using product photos other images you provide. This is a helpful solution if you don’t have video production capability or experience.

Click Create video under Ad creative to get started.

  • Drag and reorder images to finalize the flow of the video ad.
  • Optionally add a discount price and product information text.
  • Set the video style:
    • Dynamic — The video generated is fast paced.
    • Peaceful — The video generated is slower paced.

Click Generate Video to preview how your video will look. You’ll be presented with a couple of variations featuring different effects and music. Select one or more that you want to use. When you’re done, click Save.

Once you’ve completed all fields and uploaded or created your video, click Submit.


If you’ve already set up a payment method in your TikTok For Business account, your ad will immediately be sent for review, and you’ll receive a notification once your campaign goes live. 

If you haven’t set up a payment method, you’ll be prompted to complete this step within the TikTok For WooCommerce integration. 

You will first need to add your Business address and then select a Payment method

After you’ve entered your Business addresses, you will be prompted to enter in your Credit or Debit card information then select Submit

Once done, your ad will be reviewed and you’ll be notified when it goes live.

After your campaign has had time to collect data, you can track performance from your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard. Learn more here.

Ad formats available on TikTok Ads Manager

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This campaign objective allows you to collect leads using customizable forms. These can be integrated with CRM partners to help qualify and convert leads. Learn more about Lead Gen Ads.


This is a native ad format that lets brands use organic TikTok posts as ads. Use your own posts or posts made by TikTok Creators (with their authorization). Learn more about Spark Ads.


This ad format combines video ads, product cards, and a full-screen landing page to drive immediate purchases. Learn more about Collection Ads.

To get started with Collection ads:

1. Confirm your WooCommerce catalog is synced with TikTok.

2. Set up the campaign selecting Traffic or Conversions as the objective and selecting your other parameters. Note that under Targeting/Demographics, you should choose the same location as your catalog’s targeting location.

3. Build an Instant Gallery Page using your automatically synced catalog.

4. Finetune your desired graphic selecting where you want the products to appear in the app.

See How to Create Collection Ads for more details.


This ad format leverages your synced catalog to show relevant products to interested users and is optimized for large catalogs. Learn more about Dynamic Showcase Ads.

To get started with Dynamic Showcase ads:

1. Confirm your WooCommerce catalog is synced with TikTok.

2. Configure your Pixel events (from the Analytics page in the app).

3. Use Dynamic Video Generator to create your video package based on your uploaded catalog.

4. Select Catalog Sales as your campaign objective.

See How to Create Dynamic Showcase Ads for more details.

*Availability may vary, so please reach out to your TikTok representative.


To access these Reservation-only ad campaign types, reach out to your TikTok representative for details. If you don’t have one, email WooCommerce@tiktok.com.


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Do I need to have a TikTok account to use TikTok for WooCommerce?

You don’t need an organic TikTok account to run ads like Collection Ads. However, to use upcoming features or boost posts through Promote, you will need an account with organic presence – check out the instructions on how to open one at the beginning of this guide.

Why should I install this now?

Even if you do not currently run ads, the pixel will begin to collect data which will allow you to then retarget and reach TikTok users who are interested in your products. You’ll also get early access to some of TikTok’s newest marketing tools. 

Why am I not seeing TikTok in my WordPress Admin?

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features, un-check the “Navigation” option, and save the changes. You should now see “TikTok” under the “Marketing” tab.

TikTok Pixel 

What events does the TikTok Pixel support for WooCommerce stores?

The pixel is automatically installed when you set up TikTok For WooCommerce, and supports View Content, Start Checkout, Add To Cart, and Purchase events.

What’s Advanced Matching?

Advanced Matching is an upgrade to the TikTok pixel that allows you to send privacy-safe hashed customer information (email addresses and phone numbers) to increase the match rate between TikTok ad clicks, views, and conversions that happen on your website.

Ads Creation from the TikTok integration 

How can I create ads on TikTok? 

You can create conversion-objective campaign ads right from WooCommerce. For access to all other objectives (such as reach, traffic, app installs, video views, and lead generation), please use TikTok Ads Manager. See how to choose the right objective here. 

What is a conversion-objective campaign? 

A conversion-objective campaign is designed to drive valuable actions on your website – such as encouraging users to register for an account, opt in for an offer, or make a purchase on your website. See here for more detail. 

Are there any prerequisites before ads creation? 

You must have your Ad Account in an approved state and have payment methods setup before an ad campaign can start delivery. For more details on account approval, please see here. For more details on accepted payment methods, please see here.

Will ads be paused manually or automatically if the product is out of stock? 

You will have to manually pause your ads if a product is out of stock. To pause an ad, please login to TikTok Ads Manager, click Campaign, then select on the Ad tab. Find the ad you wish to pause, and change the On/Off status to Off. 

Will I be able to see all campaigns implemented via the TikTok integration on TikTok Ads Manager? 

You will be able to see all campaigns created on the TikTok integration on your TikTok Ads Manager account. 

Why do I not see my ads running? 

You will not be able to publish any ads until you set up your payment method. Please make sure you have finalized your payment information on TikTok Ads Manager. You can add a payment method from your Payment page. From there, click Add a Payment Method and follow the required prompts. For more details on accepted payment methods, please see here.

Where can I view campaign performance? 

All campaign performance can be viewed on TikTok Ads Manager. Go into the Campaign page, and select View Data under each campaign, ad group or ad to view the performance data and audience analysis. For more detailed information, please see here.

Ads Manager

How do I start running paid advertising campaigns?

Please access your account on TikTok Ads Manager after adding and setting up TikTok for WooCommerce to access all available ad formats. 

What if I already run ads on TikTok via a Business Account?

Using TikTok for WooCommerce will give you early access to TikTok’s newest ad formats. If your account is already managed by a TikTok Account Manager, they will also be informed prior to your onboarding on this test and will continue working with you just as before.

If I have a campaign running with the TikTok Pixel created via the TikTok integration, what will happen if I remove the integration?

Your campaigns using the TikTok pixel created through the TikTok integration will remain active, but the pixel will stop sending back any data to Ads Manager.

Which product categories are allowed for advertising? 

Here is a detailed overview of product category restrictions for TikTok advertising.

What if I already advertise on TikTok and my Ad account is managed by an Agency? 

Please follow the steps below:

  • Create a Business Center and Ad Account via the TikTok integration (or connect to an existing Regular Business Center, NOT the Agency one).
  • Give your agency User Access to such Business Center as a Member (via TikTok For Business)
  • Give your agency User Access to your Ad Account and Catalog (after you add Business Info and enter into an approved state)
  • Request access to your Agency’s Ad Account via such Business Center 

For more information about agency managed accounts please visit the help center

Why am I getting an error when trying to access my catalog on TikTok Ads Manager and run catalog-base ads?

This might happen because your newly created Ad account is not verified yet.

How does TikTok review my information? 

There are two reviews that will be conducted – product review and content review. This is to ensure that TikTok meets compliance, ensures product relevance in the video, and drives good user experience.

You can find a number of useful articles on our Business Help Center 

If you still can’t find the answer to your questions, feel free to file a Customer Support ticket (please use your TikTok For Business credentials to log in and track your tickets)

Our Customer Support agents will get back to you as soon as possible.


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