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Downloads Report

The Downloads Report provides insight into the performance of your store’s downloadable products. Downloads counts are a total including multiple from the same IP address. Please note that dates are representative of UTC time as opposed to local timezone as other reports are.

All Downloads View

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By default, the Downloads Report displays the unfiltered All Downloads View. Each download is represented in the table and chart.

Downloads Report All Downloads View

Advanced Filters

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There are several filters available to the Downloads Report.

  • Select “Advanced Filters” in the “Show:” dropdown
  • Choose “Add a filter” and then choose one or several of the following filters:
    • Product — allows filtering based on the downloadable product title.
    • Username — allows filtering based on the customer’s username.
    • Order number — allows filtering based on the order number.
    • IP Address — allows filtering based on the IP address this was downloaded from.
Downloads Report Advanced Filters

Report Sorting

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The report table allows sorting by the following columns:

  • Date
  • Product Title
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Three of the report columns contain clickable entries:

  • Product title – the link opens the product sales report for the specific product
  • File name – the link will open the downloadable file in the browser
  • Order # – the link opens the respective order