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WooCommerce Minimum Advertised Price


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The Minimum Advertised Price extension lets you easily configure a minimum price for your products and hide the regular price until the customer takes an action: whether clicking “Show Price” or adding the product to their cart. Once the action has been taken, the actual product price is revealed, along with the savings if desired. With Minimum Advertised Price, resale price maintenance is now possible for your WooCommerce shop! View a demo of this plugin to see it in action.
Note: This product has been retired and is not for sale. Documentation is no longer being updated.


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  1. Download the extension from your dashboard
  2. Goto Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  4. Click the Configure link and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.

Setup and Configuration

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Global Configuration

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The first step in configuring product minimum advertised pricing is to decide whether you want the actual price to be displayed in the cart only, or in the cart / on gesture. This is configured along with a couple other options, under WooCommerce > Settings > Products — scroll down to: Minimum Advertised Pricing Options: WooCommerce minimum advertised price settings
  • Display Actual Price – Where to display the actual product price:
    • In Cart Only – Show the product price only after being added to the cart
    • In Cart/On Gesture – Show the product price after the customer clicks a ‘See Price’ button/link, as well as in the cart
  • Minimum Advertised Price Label – Set the text displayed next to the strikethrough minimum advertised price on the loop/single product pages
  • Show Savings – When enabled the savings (difference between minimum advertised price and actual price) will be displayed in the cart and/or on gesture
  • Price Displayed to Search Engines – Determine which pricing should be included in the structured data for the product; show the minimum advertised price (recommended), your store’s regular price, or no price*.
  • Note that if you opt to show no price the Offers mark up in your structured data will be removed, as price is required for this. The rest of the product markup will remain, so rich snippets can still be shown.

Product Configuration

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A minimum advertised price can be set for simple products or product variations. The MAP settings can be found with the standard pricing options under “Product Data” (This is the price that will have the strikethrough and the regular price will be shown upon gesture or in cart):
WooCommerce Setting a Minimum Advertised Price
Setting a Minimum Advertised Price
For product variations, the MAP field can be found in under “Variation” within the Product Data:
WooCommerce Variable Minimum Advertised Price
Variable Minimum Advertised Price

Minimum Advertised Price on the Frontend

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On the frontend the minimum advertised price plugin affects the shop/catalog, product page and cart by hiding the product regular price and showing only the minimum advertised price (with a strikethrough and some configurable text) until added to the cart. You can view screenshots below, and view a demo of this plugin to see it in action.


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In the shop/catalog pages the actual product price is hidden and the MAP price and pricing label are displayed: woocommerce-minimum-advertised-price-shop-loop-variable-product When the display actual price setting is configured to “In Cart/On Gesture” a “See Price” button is added: Clicking “See Price” pops up a dialog with the actual price and optionally the savings, and an “Add to Cart” button for simple products:

Product Page

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Similar to the shop/catalog pages explained above, on the product page the actual price is hidden and the minimum advertised price is shown with a strikethrough, a label “See price in cart” and optionally a “See Price” button/link. For variable products the “See Price” action will be shown after a product is configured: woocommerce-minimum-advertised-price-product-page Clicking “See Price” shows the pricing dialog with the minimum advertised price, actual product price, savings (if configured), and an “Add to Cart” button: woocommerce-minimum-advertised-price-product-page-popup


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Once added to the cart the product actual price will be displayed, along with the MAP savings if desired: Cart

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why isn’t the “See Price” action shown on the shop/catalog pages for products when prices are shown “In Cart/On Gesture”? A: The “See Price” button can’t yet be shown on the shop/catalog pages for variable products as is done for simple products, simply because the variable products needs to be configured (color or size, etc selected) and this information isn’t available on the shop/catalog page. Instead, the minimum advertised price is shown with a strikethrough, and the “See price in cart” label is displayed, encouraging the customer to go to the product page and add the product to the cart. On the product page the “See Price” action will be shown once the product is configured, as shown in the sample screen shot above.