WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro extends the core WooCommerce product reviews functionality. It adds several new functions to product reviews, and can also enable different “contribution” types from customers, such as comments, questions, photos, and videos.


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Here are major features added:
  • List of all product reviews added under WooCommerce > Reviews. Reviews can be filtered by contribution type, media added, rating, and product for the contribution. They can also be moderated and edited. When this plugin is active, all existing reviews and any new ones will be moved to this “Reviews” menu.
  • Reviews Report added to see most reviewed, highest rated, and lowest rated products.
  • Qualifiers can be added to reviews, such as the ability to ask about sizing or fit.
  • Reviews can contain photo or video media.
  • Optionally adds ability for customers to ask questions, add videos, or add photos to the product discussion without a review.
  • Comments can be added to reviews or other contribution types.
  • All contributions can be upvoted, downvoted, or flagged
  • Prevents customers from adding multiple reviews for a product, prompting them to update the first review instead.
  • Reviews can be sorted and filtered by type, star rating, review qualifier, most helpful, least helpful, and more!
Translation-ready! Text domain: woocommerce-product-reviews-pro


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  1. Download the extension from your WooCommerce dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.

Setup and Configuration

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Plugin settings are found under WooCommerce > Settings under the “Products” tab. Scroll down to “Reviews”. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro settings

Extension Settings

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  • Contributions Types – Select whether to enable all contribution types, or only enable some contribution types. If all types are enabled, customers will be able to leave reviews, ask questions, add photos, add videos, and comment on contributions.
  • Specific Contribution Types – If “Enable specific contribution types only” is selected for Contributions Types, then you can select which contribution types are active. Enable Reviews, Photos, Questions, and/or Videos. If at least one of these is selected, you can also enable comments. Comments cannot be enabled by themselves, as there’s nothing to comment on without another type 😉
  • Admin Badges – You can show which responses are from administrators and shop managers by entering badge text here. This creates a small badge next to the user’s name for all comments or contributions. You can disable badges by leaving this text blank.
    WooCommerce Product Reviews pro admin badges
    Admin Badges
  • Sorting Order – Select “Most Helpful First” or “Newest First”. This will sort any reviews or other contributions on the frontend when viewed by customers. “Most Helpful First” will show the most helpful contributions first, while “Newest First” will show the most recent contributions first.
  • Minimum Word Count – Optionally set a minimum word count for a review or contribution (will be used for the content or description). Leave this blank if you don’t want to set a minimum.
  • Maximum Word Count – Optionally set a maximum word count for a review or contribution (will be used for the content or description). Leave this blank if you don’t want to set a maximum.
  • Threshold for publication – Set the number of reviews needed to show all reviews for a product. Setting this to a higher number can help you get a collection of reviews before sharing them, as only the review count (no ratings) will be shown.
    WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Threshold applied
    Threshold applied
    Set this to “1” if you want reviews to be shown to customers immediately.
  • Flagging contributions – Determine if flags from customers should moderate a contribution. Set to “Keep published” to keep contributions approved when flagged, or determine if flagging by registered customers or anyone should moderate a contribution for your review.
  • Moderation – If you enable “Contributions must be manually approved”, then any review, question, etc., will be moderated for approval under “WooCommerce > Reviews”.
  • Enable reviews and Product Ratings – Enable ratings to allow a star rating (out of 5 stars) for a review. These settings are the same as WooCommerce core product rating settings. You can also require ratings, show if an owner is “verified”, or limit reviews to verified owners.
Note: The contribution(s) enabled will affect the name of your tab title on the product page. This tab is typically titled “Reviews”. However, it will respond to the contribution type enabled. No matter what tab name is used, the number of contributions will be displayed (represented in this table by (n)).
Contribution(s) enabled Tab Name Displayed
Reviews Reviews + Comments “Reviews (n)”
Questions Questions + Comments “Questions (n)”
Photos Photos + Comments “Photos (n)”
Videos Videos + Comments “Videos (n)”
More than one type (i.e., Reviews, Questions) > 1 type + comments “Discussion (n)”
All contribution types “Discussion (n)”

Additional Settings

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As the reviews are basically a type of comment, more settings that are related to reviews can be found in WordPress > Settings > Discussion. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro - Discussion settings
  • Comment author must fill out name and e-mail – Check this box as a way to force spammers to do a bit of extra work. In reality, the name and e-mail address are not verified in any way prior to the comment being submitted. Most legitimate commenters are more than willing to fill out a name and e-mail address.
  • Users must be registered and logged in to comment – If this checkbox is checked, only logged in registered users will be able to write comments on your site.
  • Automatically close comments on articles older than [X] days – Check the box and enter the number of days (e.g. 14 days) after which WordPress will automatically flag eligible posts so that no more comments are accepted.
  • Enable threaded (nested) comments [X] levels deep – Check this box to enable threaded comments, then from the drop-down box, select the number of levels deep (maximum of 10 levels) you will allow for nested comments. Note that themes need to be specially coded to properly display threaded comments.
  • Break comments into pages with [X] top level comments per page and the [last/first] page displayed by default. Comments should be displayed with the [older/newer] comments at the top of each page – Check this box to cause comments to display in a paginated format with the specified number of comments per page. In addition, specify if the pages should be ordered “first to last” or “last to first”, and within each page, whether the oldest, or newest, comment is to be displayed first.


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You have settings for discussion within WordPress, which Product Reviews Pro will also detect and respect. You can find these under Settings > Discussion. The only setting that isn’t strictly respected is “Comment must be manually approved”. On install, the plugin will look at this setting, but once you’ve saved the plugin settings, the “Contributions must be manually approved” plugin setting will be used instead. Here are some other discussion settings that Product Reviews Pro will use:
  • “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” – If you don’t require manual approval, this rule will be respected.
  • “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” – If this is required, then the plugin will require it as well.
  • “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” – If this is enabled in your discussion settings, the plugin will also require it for reviews or contributions.
  • “Comment Moderation” – If “contributions must be manually approved” is disabled, then your moderation rules (i.e., number of hyperlinks) will still be used to hold a review for moderation.

Review Qualifiers

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You can also set up Review Qualifiers if desired. These are dropdowns that can be added to the “Review” contribution type to gather specific information about products. For example, you could use this to ask about sizing – Was the product true to size, larger than expected, or smaller than expected? Customers will then need to answer the review qualifier when submitting a product review, which will be displayed before the review content. Add a review qualifier by going to Products > Review Qualifiers. Here you can add a name, which will be the label for the qualifier. You can then add a slug (or leave it blank to automatically generate the slug), and description if desired (though this is optional and is only for your reference). Finally, add the options that should appear as answers in the dropdown – add one option per line:
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Qualifiers
Add Review Qualifiers
Review qualifiers can be edited or deleted as needed, and you can add as many as you require. You’ll then need to enable qualifiers for a product or several products. When you edit the product, a new meta box is added to the edit product screen. This will allow you to add review qualifiers to a particular product, which will add these to the review form.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Product Qualifiers
Enable Qualifiers for a product
You can also bulk-add these qualifiers by selecting several products from your product list, then using the bulk “Edit” option, and adding the needed qualifiers.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Bulk add qualifiers
Bulk add qualifiers
Once these qualifiers have been added, the review form for your product will include any of the added qualifiers formatted as a dropdown.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Review
New Review with Qualifiers
When the review is published, qualifiers will be added before review content so readers can see how the reviewer “voted” or answered for the qualifier.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Review Qualifiers
Review with Qualifiers

Thread Watching

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“Thread watching” enabled your customers to “watch” a thread for replies. This is helpful when submitting a question or other contribution, as the customer can be notified via email when replies are posted for that contribution. Contribution reply emails (and by extension, thread watching) are enabled by default. If emails are disabled, customers cannot subscribe to thread responses. You can enable or disable thread watching under WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Contribution reply and configure email settings here.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro thread watching email settings
Contribution Reply Email
The email will include the content of the response to the thread, a link to view it, and a link to unsubscribe. The author of the contribution can follow when adding it, or any other logged in user will be able to enable “Watch” for a contribution to subscribe to comment emails. This will not follow all contributions for a product, just replies for a particular thread.
WooCommerce product reviews pro watch a contribtuion
Watch any contribution
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro watch contribution
Watch your contribution

Review Updates

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WooCommerce lets customers add as many reviews as they’d like for a product; however, this behavior isn’t really ideal, so Product Reviews Pro will block users from adding more than one review per product. If you enable the “Review update confirmation” email, customers will instead be prompted to update their existing review instead of submitting a new one.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro update review email settings
Review Update Email
This can be disabled to prevent review updates, and customers will not be able to submit a new review. Here’s what will happen for each user when review updates are enabled or disabled when trying to add a second review / multiple reviews for a product.
Review Updates Enabled
Status Action Result
Guest user Adds review with same email Sends confirmation email; customer must click email to update content
Registered user, logged out Adds review with account email Sends confirmation email; customer must click email to update content
Registered user, logged in Leaves new review Sees “update review” form instead; can directly submit an update
Review Updates Disabled
Status Action Result
Guest user Adds review with same email Prompted to contact store to update review
Registered user, logged out Adds review with account email Prompted to contact store to update review
Registered user, logged in Sees a message blocking the review form; prompted to contact store to update review
You can see the customer views for review updates here.

Flagged contributions

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If you’d like to be notified when a contribution is flagged, you can go to WooCommerce > Emails > Flagged contribution and enable this email for your store. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Flagging notifications
If you use the Product Vendors integration, you’ll always be notified when a vendor flags a comment, even if this email is disabled.

Merchant Usage

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Managing Reviews

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WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro adds a new “Reviews” list to your WooCommerce menu where you can manage all WooCommerce product reviews and contributions. This list can be accessed under WooCommerce > Reviews. You’ll see a reviews list very much like the Comments list in your WordPress admin. Here you can edit, approve, and trash reviews or contributions.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Reviews List
Reviews List
In order to edit a review / contribution or perform an action, hover over the review to bring up available actions. This will allow you to approve, edit, reply (if comments are enabled), spam, or trash the review.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro actions
Contribution Actions
You can also filter which reviews you see in this list. You can filter by (1) contribution type (view only reviews, photos, etc), (2) media, which will allow you to see anything with a photo or anything with a video, and (3) rating to see all reviews with a particular rating.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Filter Reviews
Filtering Options
There’s also an option to filter contributions by product. You can search for a particular product to see all reviews, questions, photos, videos, and comments for that product.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Reviews Filter
Filter by Product
Finally, any contribution can be edited or moderated. You can hover over the contribution and click “Edit” to do so. This will also show stats, such as upvotes, downvotes, and flags.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Editing contributions
Editing contributions

Managing Flags

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If a contribution has been flagged, flagging reasons will also be displayed on this page so that you can moderate if needed. You can mark a flag as resolved, or delete the flag. This will remove the flag from the “Flagged” count as well so you can easily filter all flagged comments to review them.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Managing flags
Managing flags
For contributions that embed a photo or video, you can remove the media if desired as well while reviewing a contribution.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Edit 2
Editing Contributions (2)
This will simply display a notice on the frontend that the photo or video has been removed.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Media removed
Media Removed notice

Reviews Reporting

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Product Reviews Pro will add a new “Reviews” report to WooCommerce > Reports. This will default to display the product with the most reviews in your shop:
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Reporting
Report: Most Reviewed
You can also view products with the highest rating or product with the lowest rating by switching the report view.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro highest rating
Report: Highest Rated

Customer Experience

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Product Reviews Pro enables several customer actions on the frontend for both reviews and the account area.

Contribution Actions

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Customers can:
  • Add a review, question, photo, or video
    WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Add Contribution
    Add to the discussion
    Adding a photo can be done by embedding from a URL or uploading the photo, which is added to your site’s media folder. Videos can only be embedded from an external source, such as YouTube.
  • Comment on an existing review or contribution (anyone can comment)
  • Upvote or downvote reviews and contributions to mark them as “Helpful” / “Not helpful” (requires log in to prevent multiple votes)
    WooCommerce product reviews pro voting
  • Flag inappropriate contributions for removal
    WooCommerce Product Reviews pro flagging
  • Sort and filter contributions to view a specific type, sort by most helpful, sort based on qualifiers, or view unanswered questions
    WooCommerce product reviews pro filtering
    Filter / Sort reviews
  • Click on a star rating to view related reviews
    WooCommerce product reviews pro filter by star
    Filter by rating
  • Clear sorting if desired to change criteria
    WooCommerce product reviews pro clear
    Clear Filtering / sorting

Updating Reviews

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If your store has disabled review updates via the review confirmation email, your customers will not be able to add multiple reviews for a product: WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro update review disabled If the store allows review updates, customers can update existing reviews for a product rather than submitting new ones. Logged-in customers will see an “edit” action for reviews, and the review form will change to an “Update review” form.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Edit review
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: update review
Logged out and guest customers will be prompted to update a review if using the same email address with which the review was submitted. They can them confirm the update via email.
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro update review prompt
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro update review email

My Contributions

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Customers can also view all contributions they’ve made in your shop. They can see the product the contribution is for, and click the “View” link to go directly to the contribution:
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro My Contributions
My Contributions (customer account)
If you only have one type of contribution enabled, this table will change the title and headings to respond to the enabled contribution type:
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro My reviews
My Reviews (one type enabled)

Compatible Extensions

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Tab Manager

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Product Reviews Pro is compatible with the WooCommerce Tab Manager extension. This will allow you to rename and move your Reviews / Discussion tab as desired. Regardless of what’s displayed on the frontend, Tab Manager will refer to this tab as “Reviews” for you to adjust the tab name in your default tab layout.

Social Login

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If you’re using WooCommerce Social Login, you can add the social login buttons to the login modal when customers sign in to upvote or downvote reviews (requires Social Login 2.3.0+). When both plugins are active, you’ll see “Product Reviews Pro Login” as a new display option for social login buttons: WooCommerce Social Login Product Reviews Pro settings If enabled, this will show the login buttons in the review login forms automatically using the text from your “Non-Checkout Display Text” setting in Social Login. WooCommerce Social Login Product Reviews Pro Modal

Product Vendors

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When the Product Vendors extension is active, vendors will be able to manage reviews for their own products. They can approve or moderate a review, and you can also add badges to vendor replies. When Product Vendors is active one or two new settings will show up under WooCommerce > Settings > Products. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Vendor settings
  • Admins can always reply – This is shown if you do not have comments as an enabled contribution type. Enabling this setting lets vendors add comments to reply to reviews even with comments disabled. Vendors can only ever add one comment per contribution.
  • Vendor badges – You can show which responses are from vendors by entering badge text here. This creates a small badge next to the vendor’s name for all comments or contributions. You can disable badges by leaving this text blank.
You’ll also be able to filter your contributions list by vendor to see all contributions on a vendor’s products. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Filter by vendor When managing their products, vendors will also see reviews under Products > Reviews. They can approve or unapprove reviews, reply to them (if enabled), and click the “Edit” link to view more details. A vendor cannot edit review title, content, or rating. Vendors can resolve or delete flags, but to delete or edit a contribution, they must ask a store manager. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Vendor view

Contribution Widgets

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When Product Reviews Pro is active, the core “Recent Reviews” widget will now show all recent contributions, not just reviews and review comments. This may not be the desired behavior, so Product Reviews Pro will add a widget for each enabled contribution type in your store (except comments). If you want to show specific recent contribution, such as recent reviews, questions, photos, or videos, you can use the dedicated contribution widgets instead. You can add the widget, along with how many recent contributions to show: WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Add Widget Here’s an example of what each widget will look like:
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: recent questions
Recent Questions
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: recent photos widget
Recent Photos
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: Reviews
Recent Reviews
WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro: video widget
Recent Videos
Contribution widgets are only available for enabled contribution types.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What happens with reviews that have been added before this plugin was active? A: They’ll still be displayed under the new WooCommerce > Reviews menu so you can manage them along with all new reviews.
Q: Will my reviews still be there if the plugin is deactivated? A: Absolutely, we would never take them away from you 🙂 Any “Review” type contribution will be converted to the default review format, but other contributions (photo, video, questions, comments) will be left as plain comments. The attached photos and videos, as well as any qualifiers, will not be displayed if the plugin is deactivated. All reviews will also be moved back under “Comments”.
Q: Can I change the name of the Reviews / Discussion tab on my product page? A: Yep, the tab title can be renamed. The WooCommerce Tab Manager will allow you to change the name, reorder this tab, and more. You can also use the Say What plugin to change this. Install and activate it, then go to Tools > Text Changes. You’ll type in the current tab name followed by (%d) For example, if your current tab title is “Questions (#)”, type in: Questions (%d)
WooCommerce product reviews pro rename tab
Say What plugin
You can then change this to whatever you’d like, such as New Title (%d). Be sure to include the (%d) if you’d like the reviews / contribution count to remain. The Text Domain to use is: woocommerce-product-reviews-pro
WooCommerce product reviews pro renamed tab
Tab renamed

Q: Why do my users have to log into to post a comment or question? A: Please check your WordPress discussion settings under Settings > Discussion. The plugin will respect these settings, so if you require users to log in to leave a comment, they’ll need to do so to comment on reviews.
Q: How do customers add photos and videos? A: Photos can either be uploaded or embedded from a URL when submitted as part of a review or as a standalone contribution. If a customer uploads a photo, it will be added to your site’s media folder. If you then remove the media from the review or contribution, the photo will be deleted from your media folder. Videos can be added to reviews or in standalone contributions, but they can only be embedded from a URL (such as a YouTube URL). Videos cannot be uploaded in order to preserve site performance and the customer experience, as video uploads can take quite some time.
Q: Will users be notified of replies to their questions? A: Yes! If you use version 1.3+ of the plugin, customers can watch a thread to subscribe to responses so long as the “Contribution reply” email is enabled. If you want to notify all commenters of replies rather than an opt in process, we recommend installing the free comment email plugin, which will notify any commenter of new contributions and comments for a product.
Q: Can I send emails to remind customers to leave a review? A: Review reminders are not a part of Product Reviews Pro at this time. However, it’s possible to add these to your store! Doing so would require the Follow Ups extension.
Q: Why can customers add videos / photos to reviews? I have Photo and Video contributions disabled. A: Reviews can always accept attachments; disabling photo or video contributions disables the standalone photo / video comments that can be left. If you don’t want to accept media as part of reviews either, please add this snippet where you keep custom code.
Q: Does this plugin use rich snippets and structured data so that reviews are displayed in search results? A: Absolutely. WooCommerce core includes some of this data itself so we’ve ensured that your upgraded reviews include it as well. See more under Schema.org notes.
Q: Can I change the appearance related to the reviews additions the plugin provides? A: The appearance is largely controlled by the theme. You can certainly modify the CSS in your theme to change the look to something you like better.
Q: How can I remove comment boxes? We don’t want customers commenting on each other’s reviews. A: In the Product Reviews Pro settings, there is an option for which contribution types to allow. Setting this to “Enable specific contribution types only” and then leaving out the Comment option, should remove this! You can find this by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and scrolling down to the Reviews section.
Q: Is there a tool built into the plugin to import reviews? A: While our plugin doesn’t include an import tool at this time, you can make use of any WordPress import plugins that allow you to import WordPress comments or WooCommerce reviews. Below are some sample plugins that allow you to import comments or reviews. Please keep in mind that we don’t integrate with these directly and don’t officially endorse them: https://wordpress.org/plugins/comments-import-export-woocommerce/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/product-reviews-import-export-for-woocommerce/ As with any imports, it is recommended to add some manual reviews to the site and then perform an export to get a better idea of how the various fields should be set up in the CSV file that you will be using for the import plugin you decide to use.


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Having trouble? Follow these steps to make sure everything is setup correctly before posting a support request:
  1. Check that your desired contribution types are enabled under WooCommerce > Settings > Products
  2. Customers having issues leaving reviews? Please disable WP-SpamShield if enabled (likely, this always says the word count is too short when trying to leave a review).
  3. If you don’t want photos / videos to show up as available attachments for reviews, please see this FAQ.
  4. If your review / discussion tab is not showing, please check the contribution types you have enabled — if comments are enabled, but nothing else is, then your tab will not be displayed as there’s nothing to comment on 🙂
  5. Remember that the plugin will respect your options under Settings > Discussion, so if you’re not sure, for example, why users must log in to comment, check your settings here 🙂
  6. If you’re still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket with the error log as an attachment (under WooCommerce > System Status > Logs).

Error: You have taken too long, please go back and try again

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This error can be caused when caching plugins are set to a value over 12 – 24 hours. WordPress uses a nonce (a special security code) that is valid for 12 – 24 hours. When the caching plugin is set to a higeher value, the nonce can get cached and cause this error. With the WP Rocket plugin, their documentation recommends using 10 hours as the optimal value, but you can set a value of up to 22 hours if 10 hours is too short for you. This setting should be changed to a similar value for other caching plugins, such as W3 Total Cache.

Rich Snippets and Structured Data

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Using Schema.org mark up can help you to display Rich Snippets in search results, which are results with more detail (such as prices or ratings). Some of the product structured data is already included by WooCommerce so that search engines have the information available to generate rich snippets, such as the aggregateRating mark up, while other mark up is added or greatly refined by Product Reviews Pro. Please note that including this mark up does not guarantee that search engines will use rich snippets for your site, as this mark up only makes your site eligible for them. See the following from Google:
When our algorithms discover technically correct markup on a page, we use a variety of signals to determine when to show rich snippets, including compliance with our Webmaster Quality Guidelines and Structured Data Policies. As a result, correctly marked up content may not always trigger rich snippet in our search results.
If your shop runs WooCommerce 2.6 or older, the html schema markup will be used in your template files automatically. If your shop uses WooCommerce 3.0 or newer, the plugin will use JSON-LD Schema markup instead, as WooCommerce migrated to this markup.

Markup Added or Modified

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This table shows the structured markup that will be present using WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro. WooCommerce adds data that’s present at the product level, while Product Reviews Pro covers structured data that wraps each review or contribution. Product Reviews Pro also ensures that the correct itemType is used for contribution mark up, such as ImageObject for image contributions, or Question for question contributions, to take advantage of all applicable Schema.org mark up.
Added by WooCommerce Core
Property Description
aggregateRating The collective average rating for all product ratings.
ratingCount The total number of ratings for the product on your site.
reviewCount The total number of reviews, both with and without ratings, for the product on your site.
name The product title / name.
Added or Modified by Product Reviews Pro
Property Description
review Wrapper for the Review contribution mark up
comment Wrapper for other contribution mark up
itemReviewed The product being reviewed
reviewRating If applicable: the rating given as part of the review (i.e., 4 out of 5)
ratingValue If applicable: the numerical value of the rating (i.e., 4)
bestRating The highest numerical rating allowed in the system (5).
upvoteCount The number of upvotes for non-review contributions
downvoteCount The number of downvotes for non-review contributions
author The review or contribution author
dateCreated The date the contribution was published
reviewBody For reviews: the content of the review
description For non-reviews: the content of the contribution
associatedMedia Media object associated with photo contribution or attachment
contentUrl Media object associated with photo contribution or attachment
If using WooCommerce 3.0+, Product Reviews Pro will also improve the “seller name” for multisite installations (using the site name instead of the network name), and adds “categories” to the “Offer” markup.

For Developers

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Product Reviews Pro contains ample hooks and filters to extend or make changes to the plugin. There are several filters in the /includes/class-wc-product-reviews-pro-contribution-type.php file for contribution form settings and titles, and pluggable template functions / filters in: /includes/functions/wc-product-reviews-pro-functions-template.php Here are a few notable hooks as well:

action: wc_product_reviews_pro_before_{$type}_form

Fires before contribution form with type $type

action: wc_product_reviews_pro_before_contributions

Fires before contribution list and title

filter: wc_product_reviews_pro_product_review_list_args

param: array $args arguments for listing contribution comments Useful, for example, for changing $args['max_depth'] to something other than 2

filter: wc_product_reviews_pro_widget_contribution_length

param: int $count number of words used in widget excerpts param: string $type the contribution type the widget is for Can be used to show longer or shorter contribution excerpts in widgets.

filter: wc_product_reviews_pro_widget_query_args

param: array $args arguments for comments query to get contributions displayed in widgets param: obj $instance the current widget instance For example, if you wanted the “recent questions” widget to also show comments / answers (the contribution_comment type)

filter: wc_product_reviews_pro_contribution_types

param: array $types the accepted contribution types

filter: wc_product_reviews_pro_review_qualifier_taxonomy_args

param: array $args the review qualifier taxonomy arguments. Should you need to edit the Review Qualifier taxonomy, you can do so with this filter. For example, this can be used to adjust any value in the array of taxonomy labels used.

Questions & Support

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Have a question before you buy? Please fill out this pre-sales form. Already purchased and need some assistance? Get in touch with support via the help desk.