Save Now Buy Later for WooCommerce

Many times visitors come to your website, add products to cart and couldn’t buy. Reason could be any – budget, products not available in the quantity they want to purchase, product gets out of stock before purchase etc. Next time when they come back for purchase, they have to remember the product name. This whole repetitive process may lead to reduce conversions. Save Now Buy Later for WooCommerce plugin by WP1 allows customers to save cart for future purchases while they add products to cart. The saved cart items can be seen in the Cart page which can be moved to cart.


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  1. Promotes customer to purchase their favorite products later
  2. Customers spend more when a store has this feature
  3. Mobile responsive
  4. Reduce the cart abandonment. The average abandoned cart rate is between 40% to 70%


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  1. Download the file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded.
  3. Activate the extension.
More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins.

Track Most Saved Products:

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You can see most saved items in your Admin Dashboard Widget. You can sort products in admin by most saved and lowest saved products.

Here’s how it works:

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When user click on remove icon in Cart, he gets 2 option: 1. Yes – remove item from shopping cart and save item in Saved Cart to purchase later. 2. No – remove item from shopping cart and not add to Saved Cart. When user click on Yes, the item is removed from shopping cart and added into the Saved Cart. User can see the list of items available in Saved Cart just below the Cart Total. User can delete OR move item to shopping cart. When user clicks on Move to Cart it get added to the shopping cart and removed from the saved cart. The item moved from Saved Cart can be seen below in the screensot.