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Aheadworks Advanced Reviews

Advanced Reviews for WooCommerce encourage customers to share their purchase experience by making the review submission process clear and simple.


  • Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  • Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  • Install Now and Activate the extension.
More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.   

On Backend

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Review policy configuration:

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To configure Review Settings, proceed to WordPress  Admin > Advanced Review > Settings. The configuration page contains three tabs: General and Emails. The General Settings tab shows the following settings for configuration: General Settings
  • Enable Pros & Cons- the dropdown to hide advantage in review (yes is set default)
  • Enable Terms and Conditions- a dropdown with two options (yes is set default) When selecting ‘NO’, additional information ‘Who must accept Terms and Conditions’ drop down disappears .
  • Who must accept Terms and Conditions – a dropdown with two option (guest is default) when selecting Anyone appear term condition below review form for all user and guest option allow to only without login user.
  • Admin Comment Caption- Textbox to display admin name on review.
  • Request Path to Page with All Reviews- Add query string in url for review page display.
  • Meta Description for All Reviews Page- Text area to add Meta description on review page for SEO.
  • File Attachments- a drop with two option (yes is set default) when selecting ‘No’, disappear max file size and allow extension below drop down. ‘Yes’ allow attached image on review submit form in front end.
  • Max Upload File Size (Mb)- Number value allow up to  5 . 
  • Allow File Extensions- Browser supported image files extension allowed with comma separated. Defined image extension are allowed in review submit form in front end.
Email Settings The tab contains a grid with the following columns: Status – the icon showing whether this type of email notifications is enabled or disabled; Content – shows email type (e.g. text/HTML).    Recipients – shows whether it is an Admin email or customer;    Manage button – leads to Email Edit Page like. Setting  | Emails grid Email Templates Admin Email – an email notification is sent to the Admin when a new review is submitted ; Customer Review Email – an email notification is sent to the Customer when his new review is waiting for approval; Abuse Report Email– An email notification is sent to the admin when abasement on  review; Critical Report Email– An email notification is sent to admin for critical review report. Review Reminder Email– An email notification is sent to the customer for just reminder  after purchase. Review Approval Email– An email notification is sent to the customer when a review approved. New Comment on Customer Review Email- An email notification is sent to the customer when a new comment on customer reviews. Manage Email Templates: Enable/Disable –  the checkbox to enable/disable this email notification; Subject – the input field for the email subject; Email heading –  the input field for email heading; Additional content – the input field for additional information you want the customer to receive; Email type – the drop box with the email type (HTML/Plain text). Review List on Backend All reviews submitted via the reviews form appear on the Reviews list on the backend WordPress  Admin > Advanced Review > Reviews.  The newly submitted reviews/comment/reply has status Pending by default. The Admin can change the status to Approved, edit the question/reply or decline it, or even send to Trash/Spam. Edit Review  Advantage – Text display advantages of product. Disadvantage – Text display disadvantages of product. Helpful – the numeric field to contain a positive whole integer to tell the quantitative estimation of the worth of the review; Not helpful – the numeric field to contain a positive whole integer to tell the quantitative estimation of the uselessness of the review; Recommended – Drop to make changes status of recommendation. Verified – It display verified signed on reviews that review submit by verified customer. Featured – the check-box to pin the reviews to the featured sections of the review list on the store-front.  Image – Review submit with some images. Review on Store-front Viewing Questions When on the store-front scroll down the product page to the additional information about the product. The Review tab is located next to the Description. The number in the square brackets next to the name of the tab shows the number of reviews on the list. It can be highlighted if it’s set on the Backend. To view the list of review and comments, click on the Reviews tab. The Description view on right (default view) will get swapped to the Reviews list. Customers can see reviews, comments at the same time. The Reviews list is headed with a title of the following format: X reviews about {product name}, where X is the number of reviews available for the product. If there are no reviews, the title is reviews. Each Review entry will have the following details: Author’s avatar, Username Authors email Date and time of submission Text of Advantage Text of Disadvantage Text of the review Helpfulness rating and active icons for customers to cast their vote Abusement icon for customer to set flag of abusement on it Add comment link to give comment of review On review rating summary display of all reviews of product, where featured review is display on top of list with Write a new review button Submitting Reviews To leave a review, the Customer clicks on the write a review. The button is always located at the top of the Reviews list. To leave an reviews/comments, the Customer clicks on the Write a Reviews button located below the reviews. Further operations are similar for both actions. Recommended messages appear on top of the review when it’s recommended by a customer. After clicking on Add comment, open a form to submit a review by the customer. Filter and sorting options are helpful to  search reviews from lists. “My Product Review” tab in My account The customer can set a checkbox value for email notification. No review message appear in my account when no review submitted by customer