Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway

The “Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway for WooCommerce” is a WooCommerce payment gateway plugin. Please note: This plugin gateway implements only the Cross-Border interface to Alipay. It’s designed for merchants whose bank account is outside Mainland China. Allows visitors from Mainland China to purchase from your website:

  1. By using their Debit/Credit card or Alipay account.
  2. Paying in Renminbi (Yuan).


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  • PHP 5.3+ (please check that your hosting provider supports this)
  • An approved Alipay Cross-Border merchant account, from


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.
More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.


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Once installed, the plugin can be configured under “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Payment Gateways” -> “Alipay Cross-Border”. Enter the “Partner ID” and “Security Code” for your Merchant’s Alipay account. Do this as follows:-
  1. 1. Log into the Admin section of the WordPress/WooCommerce whose “Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway for WooCommerce” plugin you want to setup.
  2. Go to “WooCommerce” –> “Settings” –> “Payment Gateways” –> “Alipay Cross-Border”
  3. Enter the Merchant’s Alipay “Partner ID” into the “Alipay Partner ID (PID)” field.
  4. Enter the Merchant’s Alipay “Security Code” into the “Alipay Security Code” field.
The plugin is now ready to process payments. You’ll see “Alipay” (or whatever you named the gateway on the Settings screen,) in the list of available payment gateways on the WooCommerce “Checkout” page.
  • Customers who select the “Alipay” payment gateway should be taken to the Alipay payment screen, once they press the “Place order” button. If they make the payment successfully, will be returned to the WooCommerce “Order Received” screen once they’ve done so.
  • From the Merchant’s perspective, once payment is approved, the order’s status will change from “pending” to “processing” (on successful payment). Or from “pending” to “cancelled” if the customer didn’t pay.


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To confirm that the plugin (and the Merchant’s Alipay account) are both setup and working correctly, you may want to make some test transactions. Alipay make this easy, by providing a test account that allows you to make FREE test transactions at any time. And the “Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway for WooCommerce” plugin supports these free test transactions. However, because the Alipay payment screens are in Chinese only (with no translations to other languages available, making these test transactions may be difficult for those who cannot read Chinese. Here’s a step by step guide to running a test payment.

Questions & Support

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