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Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce

WooCommerce store owners will need something that tracks WooCommerce orders and other data. Tracking conversions and other user activity is necessary to understand customer behavior so you can serve clients better through other channels. The WooCommerce Conversion Tracking is an essential plugin for this reason.

This plugin inserts the Pixels you obtain from different ad channels, like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, and lets you send the data triggered by different user actions to these channels. This lets you perform better ad campaigns by targeting the right users.

When you are integrating any advertising campaign, they provide various tracking codes (mainly JavaScript) to insert them in various pages of your site so that it can track how the conversion is happening.

This plugin also inserts those JavaScript tracking scripts on WooCommerce cart page, checkout success page and after user registration. So you can track who are adding your products to cart, who are buying them and who are registering to your site.

Getting Started

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In order to run WooCommerce Conversion Tracking, you will need the following:


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  • WooCommerce 3.0 or greater
  • WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Free
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Installation of FREE Version

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  1. To install the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking FREE plugin, search and download the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to wp-dashboard >Plugins >Add New. Then search & find WooCommerce Conversion Tracking from the search bar on the top right, as shown below.
  3. You will see the plugin in the results. Click on Install Now.

Then click on Activate.

This will complete the installation process of the Free version.

You can now view WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Free under your Plugins directory.

Installation of PRO Version

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  1. After purchasing, download the zip file of your plugin.
  2. Upload the zip file of the plugin from wp-dashboard→Plugins→Add New in the same way like you would with any other plugin.
  3. Click on Upload Plugin and select your zip file.
  1. Click on Install Now to finish uploading.
  1. Then click on the Activate button located under WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Pro in the page Plugins→Installed Plugins.

This completes the installation process of the Pro version.

Pro Version Interface

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After installation, view WooCommerce Conversion Tracking PRO in wp-dashboard→WooCommerce→ Conversion Tracking.


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You can limit or give access to WooCommerce Conversion Tracking in accordance with your preferred users or based on their roles. Out of the box when you install the plugin, you will get 6 types of user roles in the Settings tab. They are:

  1. Editor
  2. Author
  3. Contributor
  4. Subscriber
  5. Customer
  6. Shop manager

User role permissions

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Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce → Conversion Tracking → Settings (tab).

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Settings

After that, you will find the following screen including the user roles:

WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Settings

From here, you can select user roles at your disposal by checking the boxes. You can see we have selected EditorAuthorContributor in the above screenshot. Any checked user will be able to access the Conversion Tracking Integrations option.

Note: 1 

Checked Users having the administrative role will find the Conversion Tracking plugin within WooCommerce menu items. However, checked users who don’t have the administrative role will find the Conversion Tracking within Tools menu items.

Note: 2 

Checked Users who don’t have administrative role won’t see the Settings and License tabs. However, by default, they are allowed to see the Integrations and Facebook Product Catalog tabs. 

Facebook Conversion Tracking for WooCommerce

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This article is about how to track WooCommerce Conversions for Facebook.The following sections show how you will set up Pixel ID for Facebook paid ads conversion for your WooCommerce site.

Pixel ID for Facebook

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To use Facebook Pixel ID, you need to turn on the Facebook option from the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin. Navigate to –