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Crowdfunding Pro for WooCommerce

Crowdfunding Pro for WooCommerce helps you to easily create and run crowdfunding campaigns in your WooCommerce shop.


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Download the crowdfunding-pro-for-woocommerce.zip file from your WooCommerce account.

  1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin. Choose File for the file you downloaded.
  2. Install Now and Activate Plugin.

More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.

Setup and Configuration

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Crowdfunding Pro settings can be found in WooCommerce > Settings > Crowdfunding Pro.


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Within the General tab, you can customize the following plugin options:

General Settings

  • After users add a campaign product to their cart, by default, they will be redirected to the cart page. If you want the user to instead be redirected to the checkout page, select Checkout Page in the After Contribution Redirect field. Note: crowdfunding products cannot be combined with regular products in the cart.
  • By default, a campaign contribution automatically reflects on the product page once the contribution order reaches a status of Processing/Completed. You can adjust this option in the Update Order Status Once the Order Reaches field.

Restriction Settings

  • All users can contribute to campaigns in the shop by default. If you want to restrict campaign contribution to specific users/user roles, select the applicable user / user roles from the dropdown under User Filter.

Checkout Page Settings

  • Once a contribution is made, by default, the contributor name will be visible in a table on the product page. If you want to provide users the option of remaining anonymous, enable the Allow Users to Mark them as Anonymous on Checkout Page option.

WooCommerce Coupon Settings

  • By default, users will be allowed to use WooCommerce Coupons for contribution orders. If you want to prevent users from using coupons, enable the Prevent Users from using WooCommerce Coupons for Contributions checkbox.


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Progress Bar Style Settings

You can customize the look and feel of the campaign progress bar within the Progress Bar Style option.

Color Customization Settings

In this section, you can customize the color of the progress bar and buttons.


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Manage and customize the following email notifications:

  • Customer Campaign Contribution – Charge Immediately Campaigns
  • Customer Campaign Contribution Acknowledgment – Charge on Campaign Completion Campaigns
  • Customer Campaign Contribution Charged – Charge on Campaign Completion Campaigns
  • Admin Campaign Contribution Received – Charge Immediately Campaigns
  • Admin Campaign Contribution Pledged – Charge on Campaign Completion Campaigns
  • Admin Campaign Contribution Charged – Charge on Campaign Completion Campaigns
  • Admin Campaign Completed

PayPal Payouts

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You can send the raised contribution amount to the campaign creators directly from your site to their PayPal account. To send the contribution amount:

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab (WooCommerce > Settings > Crowdfunding Pro > Payments).
  2. Enable PayPal Payouts checkbox.
  3. In the Payer Commission Percentage field, set the commission percentage which the campaign creator should be receiving.


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Shortcodes are available for use in order to display the following:

  • All Campaigns
  • On-Going Campaigns
  • Closed Campaigns
  • Completed Campaigns


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In this section, you can customize the campaign detail labels displayed to the user on the product page.


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This section allows you to customize the notifications displayed to the user related to crowdfunding products/campaigns.


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Campaign Configuration

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Campaign Charging Type

When creating a crowdfunding campaign, choose from two campaign charging types:

Charge Immediately Campaigns

By enabling this method, the campaign contribution will be charged immediately once the user makes the contribution.

Charge on Campaign Completion Campaigns

For this method, users will not be charged at the time of contribution. Instead, they will be charged only when the campaign goal is successfully met.

Campaign Types

There are two types of crowdfunding campaigns that you can create:

  • Fundraising Campaigns: campaigns raising funds for a cause.
  • Product Purchase Campaigns: campaign funds are raised by customers purchasing a specific product sold in your shop.

Creating a campaign

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Crowdfunding Pro > Create New Fund Campaign. Fill in the title and description.
  2. The “Product Type” will default to “Crowdfunding.”
  3. Select the Campaign Charging Type and Campaign Type option.
    • If the Campaign Type is set as Product Purchase Campaign, a product will have to be selected in the Select a Product field.
  4. Set Campaign Goal. If the Campaign Type is set as Product Purchase Campaign, the campaign goal will automatically populate based on the product price.
  5. Select a Campaign End Method, the following options are available:
    • End on Reaching Goal: The campaign will be closed once the set target is met.
    • End on Reaching Date: The campaign will be closed once the end date is reached.
    • End on Reaching Goal/Date: The campaign will be closed on reaching Goal/Date.
    • End on Reaching Quantity: The campaign will be closed on reaching the specified quantity.
    • Campaign Never Ends: The campaign has no end date.
  6. By default, your users will be able to enter their contribution amount in a textbox. You can change the input type by selecting from the following options:
    • Editable Textbox
    • Non-Editable Textbox
    • Predefined Buttons
    • Predefined List Box
  7. You can optionally set the Minimum Contribution Amount, Maximum Contribution Amount and Recommended Contribution Amount.
  8. If you want to send the contribution amount to a different campaign creator, enter the PayPal email id of the user for which the contribution is to be sent.

Once a Fundraising Campaign or Product Purchase Campaign is configured and published, customers will be able to make contributions. On the campaign landing page, the user can view the following details:

  • Purpose of the Campaign
  • Campaign Goal
  • Min/Max/Recommended contribution
  • Campaign End Date(If Applicable)

Users will be able to contribute to the campaign by entering the contribution amount (based on campaign configuration) and proceed to complete the payment.

Once the payment is complete and the order reaches the specified status, the raised contribution will reflect on the product page and the contributor name along with the contribution amount will be visible on the campaign page (unless the Allow Users to Mark them as Anonymous on Checkout Page option is enabled).

The campaign will close based on the Campaign End Method condition that is set. Specifically, at the close of Product Purchase Campaigns and the campaign goal amount is reached, an order will be created with the product linked to the campaign and the order will be assigned to the campaign creator.

Paying Campaign Creator from the Site

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  • When PayPal Payouts credentials are configured and the campaign creator’s email id is configured in the campaign product, the contribution amount can be sent to the campaign creator once the campaign closes.
  • For Charge Immediately Campaigns, the contribution amount can be transferred once the campaign is closed. There is no need for the campaign to be successful.
  • For Charge on Campaign Completion Campaigns, the contribution amount can be transferred once the campaign is successfully closed and the entire contribution amount has been successfully charged.
  • To transfer the contribution amount to the campaign creator, the admin will have to visit WooCommerce > Crowdfunding Pro > Closed Campaigns and select Make Payment.


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Crowdfunding Pro for WooCommerce is translation ready meaning you can edit the po files to translate the text to any language.

The steps to do the translation are as follows. For example, if we were to setup French translation:

  • Download and install Poedit
  • Open the file crowdfunding-pro-for-woocommerce > languages folder > re-crowdfunding-pro-for-woocommerce.pot using Poedit
  • Create a new translation file by clicking Create new translation button
  • Choose the Source text and set its corresponding French text in Translation Text Area.
  • Save the changes
  • Save the file name as crowdfunding-pro-for-woocommerce-fr_FR.po.
  • If you are using WordPress Version 3.9.13 or below, then in wp-config.php define the WPLANG as French. Syntax is define(‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’);
  • If you are using WordPress Version 4.0 or above, then go to WordPress dashboard > Settings > General and select the Site Language as French.