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Universal Analytics Deprecated

The option DataLayer for WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce will be deprecated.

As of 07/01/2023, Google Analytics declared the end of the Universal Analytics version, and with that we are also declaring the DataLayer for WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce option as discontinued.

If you use the DataLayer for WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce (datalayer with Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) and GA4 with complement) option, you need to know:

What does it affect?

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1 – It is important to be clear that this option continues to function normally and collect data for your GA4 Analytics and all other tags.
2 – It will no longer have new updates of the standard UA datalayer object.
3 – The GTM-UA-with-GA4-complement.json file tags will no longer have new versions.
4 – This option will no longer appear in the admin as of version 4.0 (scheduled for the first half of 2024).

What is recommended to do?

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We recommend that you switch to the DataLayer for WooCommerce Ecommerce GA4 option, create a new container and configure it again now with the GTM-GA4.json file

How to do?

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1 – In WooCommerce > Datalayer for WooCommerce, activate only the option DataLayer for WooCommerce Ecommerce GA4. (See documentation)
2 – In your new GTM, import the GTM-GA4.json file. (See documentation)
3 – Make the settings again in the Tags you will use. (See documentation)

Why will the DataLayer for WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce option be discontinued?

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This option uses a datalayer with the old pattern that will no longer be seen over time.
The UA standard, unlike the new standard (GA4), did not have events for all tags, which ends up hindering the creation of more modern logics.
Keeping only the newest option will allow us to focus on new features specific to GA4.

Questions or problems?

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If you have any questions feel free to open a ticket for us at: https://woocommerce.com/my-account/create-a-ticket/