Searchanise troubleshooting

Using JQuery

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Searchanise comes complete with its own jQuery library that loads up it in its widgets by default. However, WordPress itself also has jQuery that comes as part of the package.

If you have WordPress v. 5.6 or later and the plugin v. 1.0.9 or later, only one JQuery version loads in the widgets: WordPress’s JQuery after installing the plugin v. 1.0.9 or later, and Searchanise’s JQuery if the plugin was established in the earlier version.

If you face trouble with widgets’ loading, you can change the JQuery version to load. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel > Settings > Searchanise (v. 1.0.11 or earlier) or WordPress admin panel > WooCommerce > Settings > Searchanise (v. 1.0.12 or later).
  2. Enable / Disable the Use WordPress integrated jQuery version setting.
  3. Save the changes.

Some products aren’t showing in search results, but they are in my WooComerce store. Why?

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By default, Searchanise widgets display products with the Catalog visibility setting set as “Shop and Search results”, “Search results only”, or “Shop only”, the Published statusthe Public visibility.

If you don’t see the products in the search results, that can occur in these cases:

  1. Products are unpublished or unpublic or have Catalog visibility = Hidden in the WooCommerce configuration – the plugin doesn’t index such products.
  2. Products have tags excluding them from search – you have hidden products from search.

If the products you are not seeing in the search results don’t match the cases above, feel free to contact us via We will be glad to help you solve this issue.

Why are relevant search results not showing?

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It can occur in these cases:

  1. The default sorting of the Search Results Widget differs from Relevance. You can check out that in the Searchanise control panel > Search & Navigation > Search results widget section > Content tab > Default sorting option.
  2. You’ve set up merchandising rules, so the promoted products are displayed at first. You can check out that in the Searchanise control panel > Merchandising & Promo > Merchandising section > Products or Categories tabs.
  3. Products that match the search query are out-of-stock, and you’ve hidden such products from search in the WooCommerce settings (WordPress admin panel > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory > Out of stock visibility option), or you’ve adjusted to show them at the end (the Searchanise control panel > Search & Navigation > Preferences section > Products tab > Show out of stock products at the end of results list option).
  4. Some product fields are disabled and the app doesn’t search through them. You can check out that in the Searchanise control panel > Search & Navigation > Preferences section > Products Fields tab.

The search results page is showing data from my test store

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It can occur if you’ve made a copy of your WooCommerce store that used our plugin. As a result, there can be two or more Searchanise plugins with the one account and the same API key.

In this case, we recommend you to create a separate Searchanise account for your test store. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the database of the test copy of your store.
  2. Execute the following SQL query:
    TRUNCATE wp_wc_se_settings;
  3. Go to the Searchanise control panel in the test copy of your store. It will show the “Connect to store” screen where you can register for a new API key.
  4. Go to the Searchanise control panel > Dashboard in your live store and start the indexation by clicking the Force re-indexation button.

That’s it. After the indexation is complete, your test store will have the new API key and separate Searchanise account, and the live one will have accurate search results.