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Iconic Delivery Slots for WooCommerce

Setup and Configuration

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Iconic Delivery Slots for WooCommerce comes pre-loaded with some basic settings and should work right out of the box. Take a look for yourself by going to your store’s checkout after activating the plugin. To refine the settings and customise them to suit your specific store:
  1. Navigate to the WordPress admin area.
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce Delivery Slots.
  3. Here you will find 6 tabs; Dashboard, General Settings, Date Settings, Time Settings, Holidays, and Reservation Table.

General Settings

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Here you can configure the general settings of the plugin. This includes:
  • The position of the fields at checkout.
  • Which shipping methods to show the date and time fields for.
  • The field labels (Delivery or Collection), and refine them based on the selected shipping method.
  • Product-based conditions to show/hide the delivery date and time fields.

Date Settings

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Configure any date-related settings from this tab. This includes:
  • The date picker calendar theme.
  • Your store’s delivery days.
  • Maximum orders per day.
  • Minimum and maximum selectable date.
  • Same day and next day cut off times.
  • Delivery date format.
  • Delivery day fees.

Time Settings

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Configure any time-related settings from this tab. This includes:
  • Enable time slots.
  • The time format.
  • ASAP time slot settings.
  • Time slot configuration, including the ability to automatically generate slots.
  • Cut off times for time slots.
  • Restrict slots to specific shipping methods.
  • Restrict slots to specific days.
  • Time slot fees.


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Configure holiday settings from this tab. Including:
  • Specific holiday days.
  • Holiday ranges.
  • Repeatable holidays.

Reservation Table

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Configure the reservation table settings from this tab. This includes:
  • The expiry time of reservations.
  • The number of columns to show.
  • What to show in the table cells.
  • The colours used in the table.

More Information

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For more information about Iconic Delivery Slots, please see the full documentation.