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Image Watermark for WooCommerce


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  1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin. With the file you downloaded in step 1, Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate Plugin.
More information at Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions.

Setup and Configuration

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Steps to apply watermark:

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1) Add Watermark Rule

Go to WooCommerce > Watermark > Watermark Rules to create a new watermark rule. You can add multiple rules to apply different watermarks to different products, categories and image sizes. When creating a new rule, you can customize the rule with the following options. Select watermark type: Choose from 2 different watermark types, Text or Image.
  • Text watermark
    • Watermark text
    • Customize font, color, opacity and size
    • Add text background
    • Rotate watermark
    • Repeat watermark on entire image
    • Add horizontal and vertical margin
  • Image watermark
    • Upload custom watermark image
    • Rotate image and configure opacity
    • Repeat watermark on entire image
    • Add horizontal and vertical margin
Select image type: When a product image is initially uploaded, by default, WooCommerce creates 7 different sizes of the same image. The extension has combined these 7 images into the following 3 groups:
  • Full Images
    • WooCommerce Full (Actual image)
    • Medium Large (768×768)
  • Medium Images
    • WooCommerce Medium (300×300)
    • WooCommerce Catalog (324×324)
    • WooCommerce Single (416×416)
  • Thumbnails
    • WooCommerce Shop Thumbnail (100×100)
    • WooCommerce Thumbnail (150×150)
Please note: Depending on the theme being used, Medium images will not always appear on listing pages. For example, the theme may use WooCommerce Full or Medium Large images on listing pages depending on uploaded image size, viewing screen size and more. Apply by category or products: You can apply watermark to specific products or categories. This feature helps when you want to add different watermarks to different products and categories. Watermark position: Select the watermark position and preview to see the how watermark will display on your product images. Please note:  the extension does not use your exact product images, instead it uses a sample image to show how the watermark would appear on selected image sizes.

2) Apply Watermark Rule:

Once the watermark rule has been created, apply the rule by going to the “Apply Watermark” tab under WooCommerce > Watermark.  This extra step helps in reducing the server load instead of executing watermark whenever the rule is updated. Please note: Ensure that the extension is enabled in General Settings and cronjob is set to a minimum time, 5 products per X-seconds.

Steps to update existing watermark:

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Once the watermark has been created, you can update it using the following steps.

1) Reset watermark rule

In the “Reset Watermark” tab (under WooCommerce > Watermark), reset the existing watermark rule that you are wanting to update. This will remove the existing watermark that is applied to any active rules. Its important to reset the rule before re-applying the rule in order for any changes to go into effect.

2) Update watermark rule

Once the rule has been reset, the existing watermark will be removed and you can update the rule as needed.

3) Apply watermark rule

Once the rule has been updated, you can re-apply the watermark using the “Apply Watermark” tab under WooCommerce > Watermark. Please note: We understand the process is not optimal but it helps in managing your server resources and avoids any incorrect watermark implementations.

Reseting all watermark images:

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If you plan to uninstall the extension or want to start fresh, you can remove all watermarks created with a single click. Go to WooCommerce > Watermark > General Settings and select Restore Backup. This will remove watermarked images and restore the original product images without watermarks.

Cron Job Settings

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You can customize cronjob from WooCommerce > Watermark > Cron Job settings as per your store requirements and server resources. The lesser the cronjob time is, the faster the image watermark will be applied. The cronjob helps in managing the server resources as when a watermark is applied on thousands of images at once, it might effect website performance, but with cronjob the watermark will be applied one-by-one in the background so you can keep doing other admin operations.

Watermark Log

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The watermark log tracks the implementation of watermarks and which products the watermark has been applied to.