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Membership Suite – Create a Membership Plan

To create a new membership plan, go to WooCommerce > Membership Suite > Plans and click the “Add plan” button. Give a name for the plan in the “Plan name” field


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If you want to offer the privileges of a previously created Membership Plan to users who purchase the current plan, you can do so by customizing the “Child Plans” option.


Always make sure that the child plan has fewer privileges compared to the Parent Plan.


Assume you plan to configure Silver Gold and Platinum Plans in that case, the child plans should be configured as follows

1. Silver Plan – No Child Plan

2. Gold Plan – Silver (Child Plan)

3. Platinum – Gold (Child Plan)

Users can receive membership plans by purchasing products or at the time of signing up on the site. Select the modes to allow users to receive the plans in the “Access Modes” option.

In the “Linked Products” field, search and select the products you need to link to the membership plan. If the access mode is set as “Purchase”, then purchasing the linked products will give the membership plan to users. If the access mode is set as “Sign Up”, then if multiple products are selected here, a random product will be automatically set as a membership product.

By default, the original product price will be set as a membership fee. i.e. if multiple products are linked as plan products, users purchasing the respective product will have to pay the actual price of the product which will be set as a membership fee for the user. If you want to override the actual price and set a common fee for all the linked products, then in the “Price Type” option, select “Replace product price” and set the membership fee in “Plan Price”. If you want to give the membership fee for free during signup, then disable the “Charge Price During Sign Up” option(anyhow amount will be charged for renewals of membership).

Set the duration of the membership by selecting the type in the “Duration Type” option. Select “Limited Duration” to set a fixed period for the plan and set the period in the “Duration” option. Select “Scheduled Date” to set the duration to be on set dates and select the dates in the “Schedule” option.

To offer a trial for the plan, enable the “Trial” option and set the trial duration in the “Duration” option.

Configure restrictions, discounts and other settings as per your requirement and Create the plan.