Order Approval for WooCommerce

Setup and Configuration

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Creating new order approvals:

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From the Order Approval menu, click on “add new” to create a new order approval rule. While creating a new rule, you can configure the following approval options.

Select approval type:

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Select any of the following approval types: 1) Pay and Wait for Approval: The Pay and wait for approval option enables you to receive the payment before order approval. The store admin can review the order and either approve or disapprove it. On disapproval, the admin can move the order to cancel status to process refund. If approved, the admin can move the order to processing or any other relevant order status. 2) Wait for Approval and Pay: With the Wait for approval and pay option, you can choose to receive payment after approval. Depending on your business requirements, you can choose any of these options. You can even run both simultaneously for different products, categories, product tags and user roles.

Enable approval based on user roles:

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You can choose to trigger approval based on selected user roles. Leave empty to enable order approval for customers.

Validate orders of specific or all products:

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Trigger validation based on all or selected products. You can specify the products in individual or by product category and tags. If the cart includes any of the selected products, it will put the entire order on validation. Manage order approval rules: You can create multiple rules to apply different types of validation based on product and user rules.

Configuration Options:

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Visual timeline and custom messages:

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Go to Order Approval > Settings > Visual Timeline in order to customize the timeline text, checkout messages and other options which includes:
  • Enable/Disable visual status update
  • Customize the “waiting for approval” (first order status on timeline)
  • Approved Status (appears below the timeline when order is approved)
  • Text Color (for above approved message)
  • Rejected Status (appears below the timeline when order is rejected)
  • Text Color (for above rejected message)
  • Pending Status (status displayed in timeline when order is awaiting validation)
  • Text Color (for above pending message)
  • Add text color for default order status (processing, on-hold, completed)
  • Enable/Disable cancel button
  • Customize button label and colors (button text and background)
  • Order received (displayed on thank you page)
  • Status description (displayed under order timeline)
  • Separate checkout messages for
    • Pay and wait for approval
    • Wait for approval and pay

Emails Settings:

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You can send email notification to admin and customers on order statuses. The email notifications includes:
  • Email notification for admin when new order is placed and requires approval
  • Email notification for customer about new order and requires manual approval
  • Email notifications for customer when order is approved
  • Email notifications for customer when order is rejected
All email notifications will automatically include the standard order details with the billing and shipping address. You can customize the email subject and headings from WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.  The extension emails starts with “Addify.”

Admin approval management:

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Once the order is placed, depending on the settings, the admin will receive an email notification to review and approve or reject the order. In case of rejection: If the order is rejected, the admin can move it to the rejected status. The rejected status will be reflected on the My Account page and an email will be sent to the customer notifying them of the status change. If the payment is already received, the admin can move the order to refund status to process refund manually. It is recommended to move the rejected orders to either cancel or refund stage. In case of approval: Once order is moved to approved status, the same status will reflect on the My Account page and an email will be sent to the customer. If the payment is already made, the admin can move the order to next stages like process, completed, etc. If the payment is yet to be made, the admin would need to manually move the order to pending payment status.  Once the order is moved to pending payment, the “Pay” button will appear in My Account page to allow customers pay for the order. You can use the default order action “email invoice/order details to customer” and update the order to send a payment link to customers.