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Deposit currencies

WooCommerce Payments can accept payments in over 100 different currencies. Currency conversion fees are applied when your customer’s currency is different to your account’s deposit currency. Deposits in multiple currencies are available to avoid currency conversion fees.

Based on your country, one or more bank accounts with different currencies can be added to WooCommerce Payments. When using multiple bank accounts, a default deposit currency must be selected. Any payments you receive that aren’t in a deposit currency you have a bank account for are converted into your default deposit currency.

Example: A store located in Germany has a default bank account in Euro (EUR) and sells their products to customers in Switzerland as well. After adding a second bank account in Swiss francs (CHF), payments using CHF as the customer currency will be deposited to the second CHF account, while all other payments will be converted to EUR and deposited to the default account.

WooCommerce Payments supports the following countries and deposit currencies:

Country Currency Can be paid out to banks in these countries
Australia AUD Australia
Canada CAD Canada
USD United States, Canada
France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and United Kingdom EUR Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, and Slovakia
CHF Switzerland
DKK Denmark
GBP United Kingdom
NOK Norway
SEK Sweden
USD United States
New Zealand NZD New Zealand
United States USD United States

Note: A single bank account can be added per currency.

Adding multiple bank accounts ↑ Back to top

  1. Navigate to Payments > Overview
  2. In the Account details section, click the Edit details link.
  3. Open the Account tab from the navigation on the top.
  4. Click Add an account in the Payout Details section.
  5. Enter the details of the new bank account. You will only be allowed to enter an account with a supported currency, from a supported country.

Once the new account has been added, you will see multiple balances on the payments overview page in the Stripe dashboard.

Default bank account ↑ Back to top

All payments, made in a currency without an associated bank account, will be converted to the currency of your default bank account and deposited to it.

  1. Navigate to Payments > Overview
  2. In the Account details section, click the Edit details link.
  3. Open the Account tab from the navigation on the top.
  4. Click Change default currency in the Payout Details section.
  5. Select the new currency in the popup and click Submit.

Viewing deposits with multiple currencies ↑ Back to top

With multiple bank accounts added, WooCommerce Payments will create separate deposit balances for each currency.

Overview ↑ Back to top

The Payments Overview screen will include a summary for each currency, including:

  • Deposit schedule
  • Pending balance
  • Next deposit
  • Last deposit
  • Available balance
  • Instant deposits (for eligible accounts)

Deposits screen ↑ Back to top

The Deposits screen will display all deposits by default, regardless of currency. To filter them by currency:

  1. Open Payments > Deposits.
  2. Choose a currency in the Deposit Currency drop-down at the beginning of the page.


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