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Setup Instruction

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Basic Setup

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  1. Open the Taboola Ads tracking page: https://ads.taboola.com/tracking
  2. Copy the account ID from the top left of the tracking page.
  1. Paste the account ID into the Taboola account ID field in the Pixel Manager plugin configuration.

Event Setup

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Each event needs to be set up in Taboola individually. The following events are supported:

  • search
  • view_content
  • add_to_wishlist
  • add_to_cart
  • start_checkout
  • make_purchase

The events need only to be set up within Taboola. No additional configuration is required in the Pixel Manager plugin.

If you need to ajust the event names that the Pixel Manager sends to Taboola, you can do so by using the following filter: Taboola event name filter

Here is an example of the purchase event setup:

  1. Open the Taboola Ads tracking page: https://ads.taboola.com/tracking
  2. Click on the + New Conversion button.
  1. Set up the fields as follows:
  • Conversion NameMake Purchase
  • Conversion TypeEvent
  • Conversion CategoryMake Purchase
  • Event Namemake_purchase (Keep the default value. In doubt, check the list of supported events above)
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create.
  1. Repeat the steps above for each event you want to track.