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Quote & Price Notifier


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  1. Purchase the product from WooCommerce.com
  2. Download the ZIP file from your WooCommerce.com dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  4. Click Install Now and then Activate
  5. Read on to learn how to setup plugin


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Quote & Price Notifier - Settings
Quote & Price Notifier – Settings

Basic Configuration

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  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > tab Products > sub-tab Quote & Price Notifier
  2. Enable Quote Requests or Price Watches or both if you wish


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We can only recommend to configure this functionality as it helps to prevent unnecessary spam. You can find reCaptcha settings on same page as for Basic Configuration.
  1. Follow the link to Google.com reCaptcha administration to get site and secret key
  2. Set reCaptcha site key and reCaptcha secret key
  3. Check Use reCaptcha for Quote Requests and Price Watches

Special Configuration

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You can also change predefined value for Max emails per minute. This option affects number of emails sent to customers in one minute. It is helpful especially to avoid getting blacklisted by SPAM filters. Maybe you also need to modify Unsubscribe page for Price Watches. You can edit this page on Pages > All Pages > Unsubscribe Price Watch. We recommend to copy original page to new one so you can always return back to default and working page. Also do not remove block [qpn_unsubscribe_price_watch] from this type of pages. This block brings the whole functionality around unsubscribing Price watchers.


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Once you configure this plugin you can await for customers to use enabled features. You will find all the necessary data on two administration pages:
  • Go to WooCommerce > Price Watches to check what products your customers are interested for
  • Go to WooCommerce > Quote Requests to find all special requests and answer to them
Quote Requests - Administration
Quote Requests – Administration
Price Watches - Administration
Price Watches – Administration

Use Cases

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Quote & Price Notifier can be used on many different e-shops. There are two major features: Price Watches and Quote Requests. First is commonly used almost on any modern e-shop and it is only about passive waiting for lower prices. But second is quite innovative. Life is unpredictable and people can have different requirements. Let them know that you are open to receive special wishes and that customer requirements are important to you.

Price Watches

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We struggle to find any type of e-shop that needs only this feature but we are failing. Take a look at Both Features part to find out why.

Quote Requests

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If you need only this feature we expect that you are selling something what customers can not wait for. It is usually something what people needs immediately or in specified time period and passive awaiting for better prices doesn’t make much sense. But there can be still opportunity for customers to request specified number of items and get special price for them.
  • Flower Shop
  • Car Rental

Both Features

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We expect that everybody who sell products or services where customer can passively wait for better prices can be also interested in second feature.
  • Construction Materials
  • Electronics
  • Board Games
  • Dog beds
  • Fabric Prints
There are many different cases and it can be a little bit difficult to imagine why all of them should use both features. Construction materials is type of product where we would usually expect only Quote Requests but Price Watches can be helpful to any handy-person who needs smaller amount of material for their small works. On the other hand… Electronics, board games, dog beds and any other similar products usually use Price Watches. But there can be often situations where anybody is looking for larger amount of products of that type. Very often it can be for charitable purposes. Or single person just needs dog beds to living room, bed room, cottage and to work. Or company needs more smart phones for their employees.


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Do you have some troubles with the plugin or idea how to improve this plugin for your requirements? Do not hesitate to contact our Support team.